1898 Letters

September 16, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Sarah Keith

September 16, 1898

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Sarah Keith and Hannah Towne, Galesburg, MI

Sarah writes the first part of the postcard regarding Louese. The doctor said she shouldn’t try to walk for several weeks. Hannah then finishes and says that Sarah is not doing well. When she has to move it makes her groan.

1898-09-16 Sarah Keith to Nancy Brown

Galesburg Sep 16th /98

My Dear Girl

I am going to write this postal and run the risk of getting a chance to send it. Got a letter from Lou[1] last eve, she is in bed. Dr says she must not try to walk for several weeks. I think she is getting along. I asked you to go to S-[2] Sat-. Hearing from her, I feel different about it. You can come up here if you like. Fetch a couple of cars if you come.

I[3] will write a little. Ma has got a very bad L & F had to open it this morning. When she has to move it makes her groen. She looks bad. I must go to work.



[1] Her daughter, Louese (Keith) Harris

[2] Shelbyville, Michigan, where Lou lived

[3] Her daughter Hannah (Keith) Towne wrote this last paragraph

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