1898 Letters

September 13, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

September 13, 1898

To: Nancy Brown

From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

 Recounts how his photography business is getting along. Isn’t sure how he can come home and is leaving it up to Nancy as to whether she will move to Chicago. Heard from Will Holmes that “Ma had a stroke paralisis.”

1898-09-13 Henry Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago Ill Sept 13[1]

11.40 am

Dear ones at home

This is a rainey day. I have been down to City. Your welcome letter came this am. I dont get much time to write and when I do dont feel much like writing and I supposed that Bess[2] had written every thing. She said she wrote what we done Sunday in her letter of yesterday but I will write it so you will be sure and get it. Made 303 Sunday and sold about 335 tickets. Had to buy one back. Yestrday made 114. Have in bank $43000 and cash on hand 2000. Will send you check for 2500 to-day. I am going to rig up for cabinets[3]. Have got a 16500 lense on trial can get for 6500. If it works OK will take it. It will be two or three days before can get redey to make them but have had good many calls and think it will pay but shall continue the penny[4] ones and push them as hard as I can. Have some crayon samples in and have had the artist right here but he has mooved out again as light was no good for him to work by. Have not sold any crayons yet but think that can [have] some have had quite a number pomisses. Will inclose Georges letter. I will send some samples of penny photos in day or two. I dont know how I can come home but perhaps will see a way somtime. You can get a stove as well as I can but will come if possible. You can do as you think best about coal and if you dont think best to moove here you had better get it perhaps. I am sure I dont know what to say about mooving. I dont like to moove very well but you can do as you think best. You would be awful homesick I think and of course I would not be a home very much of the time any way as it keeps me developing evey night now and if I make any cabinets it will be more. These rainey days are a God send to me as it is my only chance to get a new hold. Have made 2 so far to day and it is now 1230. Just cam back from dinner. We had coffee, salmon, cheese, bread, butter, cake, salt, pepper and condessed milk and warmed up mutton gravey. Had a nice mutton roast Sunday. Just finished it this morng for breakfast. To night we have hamburger steak &c. Bess went over to Jims[5] last night, staid all night. Will Holmes[6] was over. Said Ma[7] had a stroke paralisis but could not find out any thing more. Said we would hear all about it. If she has it will be awful and poor Lou,[8] I dont know where she will end up but whats the use worring. It will all come out right in time any way and it is just as tis and cant be made any tiser by our fretting over it. They all have my best wishes and good strong hope that they will pull through all right.

Love to all

H A Brown


[1] Although Hank does not designate the year, it is assumed that it is 1898 as he references Nancy’s mother’s stroke and in a later letter of 10-16-1898 mentions that she is apparently “nearing the last act”

[2] Their daughter, Bess Brown

[3] A type of photograph

[4] Also a type of photograph

[5] Nancy’s brother, Jim Keith

[6] Will Holmes was married to Ina Skinner, who was the daughter of Lois (Keith) Skinner, Nancy’s half-sister

[7] Nancy’s mother, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[8] Nancy’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

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