1899 Letters

December 10, 1899 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Kate Chaffee

December 10, 1899

To:  Luke & Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Kate Chaffee

Received the paper with the account of the Golden Wedding Anniversary. She and her husband Jeff are alone this winter. Mabel is in Bellaire teaching and Mark is serving in the Philippines. Vern is the only one that lives near home now.

1899-12-10 Kate Chaffee to Luke & Sarah Keith

Chaffee House Dec 10th 99

Dear Uncle and Aunt

Some time since I received the paper with an acount of your Golden weding aniversery.[1] Was much pleased to get it and for the remmenbrance. Many thanks. Hope you may stay for several more aniversiries though they may not be Golden wedings.

Well we are well as usual what there is at home. Jeff[2] and I are a lone this winter. Mabel[3] is in Bellaire teaching. Mark[4] has gone to the Phillipenes for 1 year and 9 months.[5] Vern[6] and her family are all that is left near home now. Eva and children[7] have been here this fall. They are now in Portage Kal Co at her Fathers.[8] She will stay down here this year as she has rented her place at Bellaire fer a year. I have intended to go to the burg[9] all the fall but one thing or another has happened to prevent. Have not given up all hopes of it yet but when things come round just right, why Alfleda will get right there ready or not. I do not know who sent the paper but will make my acknowledgment to Uncle Luke hopeing to see you soon. Will say Goodbye with love and kind remmenberance to all. I am as all ways your neice.[10]

Kate Chaffee[11]


[1] They were married November 14, 1849

[2] Kate’s husband, Thomas Jefferson Chaffee

[3] Kate’s daughter

[4] Kate’s son

[5] The Philippine-American War, war between the United States and Filipino revolutionaries from 1899 to 1902, was an insurrection that may be seen as a continuation of the Spanish-American War. The Treaty of Paris (1898) had transferred Philippine sovereignty from Spain to the United States but was not recognized by Filipino leaders, whose troops were in actual control of the entire archipelago except the capital city of Manila. Although an end to the insurrection was declared in 1902, sporadic fighting continued for several years thereafter

[6] Kate’s daughter, Myrtle LaVern (Chaffee) Stevens, and grandchildren, Nina, Earl and Gladys Stevens

[7] Kate’s daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Evalyn (Bonfoy) Chaffee and her children, Elva, Leo, Fannie & Donald Chaffee. Kate’s son, Stephen Chaffee, died June 9, 1897

[8] Leander Bonfoy

[9] Galesburg, Michigan

[10] Kate was the daughter of Luke’s brother, Harvey Keith, and Alfleda Starr

[11] Frances Catherine “Kate” (Keith) Chaffee

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