This blog contains letters between family members together with diary entries written during the 1860s and up through the end of 1899. You can visit my other blog sites for letters from other decades as follows:

Crawford Family – Crawford/Comfort Family Letters

1819 – 1859 – Letters to and from the Keith & Related Families

1920 – 1929 –  Letters & Diary Entries from the 1920s

As can be seen above, I have a site that is dedicated to the letters connected with the Crawford branch of my family, and another site for letters starting from 1819 running through 1859. Along the way while sorting through all the letters I became very interested in those from the 1920s. You can click on the links above to be taken to those other blog sites.

While the diaries are interspersed chronologically with the letters, after each diary has been transcribed and posted on this site, you can view each diary in its entirety at The Diaries of Charles Luke Keith Jr.

Thanks for looking and if you have any corrections, or are related to any of the people mentioned, please contact me.