1898 Letters

July 14, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

July 14, 1898

To: Nancy Brown

From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

Has rented a gallery on Robey Street and will move in on July 21st and be ready to do business on the 22nd. Writes about the place and what needs to be done.

1898-07-14 Henry Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago Ill July 14 7:30 pm

Dear ones at home

Well I have rented the gallery on Robay St[1] and will move July 21 and be ready to do business 22nd. Bess[2] you want to be ready to come most any time and when you come your Mama[3] had better come with you but make her come over lake if you can but perhaps there will be an excursion before long. We will have a swell place down there will enclose diagram of streets. The building faces the east and is 22 ft wide, plate glass front door in one side, over 50 ft deep. Shall fix up curtains on poles and frames and have a dandy place. Cant stop to write much as have got to look up a sign painter and lots of work to do. Business is very fair here and will probably be better for the balance of time we are here. Have put signs in window to day saying we were going and will get out some do__grs tomorrow. Look for a good business. Rene & Mary have been busy so far and so have I and cant do much more without more help. I will write and let you know more as soon as possible.

Love to all

H A Brown


[1] 749 North Robey Street, Chicago, Illinois. Robey Street was renamed Damen Avenue sometime in the 1920’s

[2] Their daughter, Bess Brown

[3] Nancy (Keith) Brown

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