1898 Letters

July 10, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

July 10, 1898 

To: Nancy Brown

From: Hannah Towne

Louese apparently was not feeling well and Hannah went to help out. Mildred woke with a stomachache and Dee had to get some medicine and the doctor came twice.

1898-07-10 Hannah Towne to Nancy Brown

Sunday Afternoon Evening    July 10 1898

Dear Sister

The train was eighteen minutes late so it made it quite late when I got here but they was all up. We went to bed very soon after I got here. Mildred[1] went to bed with me at twelve o’clock. She woke up crying complaining of her stomach acheing and she would bite her on her teeth and keep swallowing. Had a very high fever. I got up and fixed her some pepper mint. She took that every little while. At one I got D.[2] up he went to the store and got some medicine. She did not go to sleep until three. Lou[3] had to get into the bed with us so she did not sleep any until three. She and Mildred went to sleep about the same time. Lou had teeth ache all the fore part of night. To day has not felt very well but looks quite well. All she needs is rest and quiet until she can get over this trouble. I did not sleep any till day light the cars made such a racket then Mildred and Lou had to be tended to so it kept me on the bob[?] all night. I have slept about three hours today. Mildred has some fever now and is fretty. The Dr has been over twice to day to see her. Gave her medicine both times but did not leave any for her to take so Lou has been giving her some thing for _____ and the fever. Lou says Laverne[4] can go to K–[5] Thursday. Will write Wednesday so you will know what train she will go down on. D went to the farm before we got up will find out about the butter in the morning. Walter[6] is good and cute has been over twice to day. Winnie[7] has been here part of the time. Lou says she is real good. She and Mildred get a long splendid. D gets tree cut for butter has some for you if you want it. I must go to bed for I’ve got lots to do this week. Guess you would think so if you had heard Cora[8] tell all she has to do. Lou wants a little done and Cora H–. They said they did not pile up a lot for they know what Cora K– had to do.

Good bye


Monday Morning

Mildred is better slept good and Lou slept after eleven so she is all right.


[1] Their niece, Mildred Harris

[2] Their brother-in-law, Daniel Harris

[3] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[4] Their niece, LaVerne Harris

[5] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[6] Their nephew, Walter Keith, the son of their brother, Jim Keith

[7] Their niece, Winifred Keith, the daughter of their brother, Jim Keith

[8] Their sister-in-law, Cora (Meredith) Keith, the wife of Jim Keith

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