1899 Letters

July 7, 1899 letter to Nancy Brown from Lela Brown

July 7, 1899 

To: Nancy Brown

From: Lela Brown, Galesburg, MI

Couldn’t find the pin that Eda gave her and had only worn it twice. She and LaVerne had been cleaning their grandparents’ house. She planned on returning home in a week.

1899-07-07 Lela Brown to Nancy Brown

July 7, 1899

Dear Mamma:

We came here last night on the six o’clock train. Mr & Mrs Chappel were at the depot, going to Battle Creek so I had a good visit with them. She is planning on going home a week from tomorrow

I wore my clover pin that Eda[1] gave me and when I took it off pinned it on my ribbon, and I cant find anything of it this morning. I feel so bad about it, but I am holding the thought that I will find it and I will. I have only worn it twice. It must be in the house. LaVerne[2] says she saw me pin the it on my ribbon.

This morning we cleaned Grandma’s[3] room. Verne and I did it all alone even to taking the carpet up and putting the other one down. It looks some better. Since dinner I mopped the back rooms and canned four quarts of cherries. Grandma looked them over. I am so tired I can hardly budge but Auntie[4] asked me to go to the Office so Verne and I are going on the wheels.[5] LaVerne doesn’t feel much like going either but they thought if Uncle Jims folks[6] were gon coming home to-day or to-morrow they would write. Aunt Lottie[7] asked me to bring the Dr[8] over there to stay if he came down to-morrow and Uncle Jims folks were here, said she asked Uncle Dell[9] and he fell right in with it, but Auntie says if he comes she wants him to stay here so if Jims folks come I will telephone for him not to come until the middle of the week.

Grandma hasn’t been as well the last few days but I think she will sleep better this to-night and will be better to-morrow. It seems awfully lonesome without Grandpa[10] here.

We are coming home a week from to-morrow if there is an excursion, if not will come on the boat. You can have Papa[11] send me some money this week. I haven’t quite a dollar left and shall get some meat for dinner to-morrow Sunday. Dr is going fishing to-day and said if he had good luck would bring some down here.

You tell Bess[12] to send those pictures here as soon as they are done. It’s too bad they weren’t all good.

Well it’s three o’clock now so I better ring off and get ready to go to the Office to give Ethan[13] time to go to the six o’clock train if they come.

Write soon

With love,



[1] Her sister-in-law, Edith (Neumaier) Brown

[2] Her cousin, LaVerne Harris

[3] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[4] Hannah (Keith) Towne

[5] Bicycles

[6] James & Cora (Meredith) Keith and their children, Winifred and Walter Keith

[7] Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[8] Her fiancé, Samuel Boyer

[9] Lois’ husband, Adelbert Skinner

[10] Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[11] Henry Brown

[12] Her sister, Bess Brown

[13] Her uncle, and Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

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