1890 Letters

September 17, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from The Kimble Engine Company

September 17, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: The Kimble Engine Co., Kalamazoo, MI

An inquiry as to whether Ethan could do some pattern work for the company.

N. Chase, Pres’t.                                       H. Manvel, Sec’y.
Founders, and Machinists.
Boilers, Heaters, Steam Pumps, Etc.

Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept 17, 1890

E. Keith Esq.,
Galesburg, Mich.

Dear Sir:-

This Company have got some pattern work to be done, and we write to you to inquire if we furnished you a complete set of drawings, whether or not you could do the pattern work for us., You to name the price after seeing the drawing.

Yours Truly,

Kimble Eng Co.
H. Manvel

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