Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries for February 1884

Feb 1 – 11°. Pa drew some wood to day. Jim came down to see Jim Emmett this evening. E- went home with him to stay all night. Wrote to Hannah and sent the invitation to the Leap Year Party at Schroeder Hall Feb 8th.

X Feb 2 – Went to the Burg this evening. Ma received a letter from Uncle Hiram. He wants me to come and try their Magnetic Healer. Aunt Kate[37] wrote wrote also. They made me a very kind offer would be to all their expense. Rec’d a letter from H. L. Keith.[38]

X Feb 3 – Jim was down this A.M. Had the tooth ache this afternoon and evening. Wrote to J. F. T.[39]

X Feb 4 – Wrote to C. I. Clark.[40] Stormy. I am not feeling very well nowdays.

Feb 5 – Went to the Burg this P.M. took tea with Hank & Nan. Went down to the foundry. Walked home with Ike Schram.[41]

Feb 6 – Worked at a pattern of a form to bend the crank shaft for the Wind Mill. Went to the Burg this evening rode with Will Brown. Mrs Brown visited here this P.M. (Tue. 5th – Nancy gave me a Birth day card to day that she intended to have given me on my birthday.

Feb 7 – Worked at patterns. Went to the Burg this evening spoke to Geo. Youmens about some money. Saw R. E. Strait he came from N. Y. last night. Walked home from the Burg with Herb Earl. Bessie Brown is 3 years old to day.

Feb 8 – Worked at patterns. Jim has had “Bill”[42] three days to draw wood with. A Leap Year party at Schroder Hall to night. Sleighing is about gone.

Feb 9 – Worked at patterns. R. E. Strait came over this P.M. Pa went over to the Burg this evening and got Grandma. Dee Harris[43] came down this P.M. Saw Strait W. M. Co about some money.

Feb 10 – Pa went over to Hanks this A.M. Hank and Nan came back with the horse and cutter and Pa walked. Dee came over with him he stays here to night.

X Feb 11 – Finished the pattern of the crank form this A.M. Went up to Mr Taylors and got the cutter this P.M. Dee went home to day. Rain and hail this P.M. Wrote to Mr Timothy Hodges, Climax Mich.

Feb 12 – Rained all day every thing is covered with ice. Pa and I went to the Burg this A.M. I stayed until 3 oclock. Called at Mr Knapps. The Wind Mill Co paid me $25.00 on pattern work. Bought some pr overshoes, 2 pr drawers, collar, 2 pr socks. Paid for the Enterprise for six months. Sent Mr Hodges $1.50 balance on map.

Feb 13 – Pa took me to Kal this A.M. stopped at aunt Katies. Took dinner with Uncle Jess Turners folks.[44] Left Kal on mail 2.30 for Chicago arrived C- at 7.30. Changed from mail to Express at Niles. Harry[45] met me at the Depot.

Feb 14 – 2 below. Aunt Kate and I went to see the Old Healer he gave me a treatment her one also. He lives on the west side 5 or Six miles from Uncle Hiram. Am having the tooth ache.

X Feb 15 – Wrote to Ma. Had the tooth ache last night. Took breakfast down in the boarding house. After this aunt Kate is agoing to cook for herself, Blanche[46] and I.

Feb 16 – Aunt Kate and I went over and see the old Dr. this P.M.

Feb 17 – Feel about used up to day. Uncle Hiram, Jessie[47] and Harry went to church. Aunt Kate, Jesse and Harry went to Sabbath School this P.M. Aunt Kate went to a Temperance meeting this evening. Rainy.

X Feb 18 – Wrote to H. L. Keith and a postal to W. H. Knapp. Have been at home all day. Ida Barber Howe[48] had a pair of twins to day.[49]

Feb 19 – Pleasant this morning but clouded up about noon rained a little and afterwards Snowed and blowed real hard. So it is quite wintiry this evening. Went over and see the old Dr takes about three hours and a half.

X Feb 20 – One Year ago to day – Dont want a repetition of it. Have not been out doors to day. Aunt Kate and Mrs Huff went down to Central Music Hall to practice for the May festival. Wrote to Lou.

Feb 21 – Went over to see the old Dr this A.M. Uncle Hi, aunt Kate and I went to a Concert at the German Methodist Church this ev’ig. Aunt Kate had a wash woman to day.

X Feb 22 – Washington birth day. Wrote to Hannah this P.M. Jessie went to meeting this P.M. Harry went to the Park skating.

Feb 23 – Aunt Kate and I went to see the old Dr. Took dinner at Woodmans on Washington St. Went to the Museum on N. Clark St and stayed to the play. Got home about 5 oclock.

Feb 24 – Uncle Hi, Harry, Jessie and I went to church this A.M. Aunt Kate and the children went to Sabbath school this P.M. Aunt Kate went to a Temperance meeting this eve.

X Feb 25 – Rec’d a letter from Nan and Hank this A.M. Said that Jim Conkey would be here to (in Chicago) to day. Uncle Hi and aunt Kate have gone to Central Music Hall to the Appollo Concert this eving.

X Feb 26 – Aunt Kate and I went and took a treatment this A.M. She and I went down to Central Music Hall to the Mozart Concert this evening it was just splendid. Rec’d a letter from Ma.

X Feb 27 – Wrote to Lois. Aunt Kate went to the temperance meeting this P.M. She and the children have gone to the church this ev’ing.

Feb 28 – 3° below. Very cold with strong wind. Went to see the Dr. Took dinner at Woodmans on Washington St. Aunt Kate went to the temperance meeting. Harry and Jessie went to a party.

X Feb 29 – Wrote to Nan this P.M. Very cold. Aunt Kate went to meeting this P.M.


[37] Hiram’s wife, Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford

[38] His brother, Henry Lindsey Keith

[39] Believe he is referring to his cousin, Frank John Tomlinson

[40] His nephew, Charles Ira Clark

[41] His neighbor, Isaac Schram

[42] The family’s horse

[43] His brother-in-law, Daniel D. Harris Jr., also known as D. or D.D., who was married to Ethan’s sister Louese

[44] Cousins, Jesse & Sarah “Sally” (Davis) Turner

[45] Hiram & Kate Crawford’s son

[46] Hiram & Kate Crawford’s daughter

[47] Hiram & Kate Crawford’s daughter

[48] Neighbor in Comstock, Ida (Barber) Howe

[49] Carrie and Charles Howe

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