1871 Letters

April 2, 1871 letter to Nancy Keith from Nellie Tomlinson

April 2, 1871

To: Nancy Keith

From: Nellie Tomlinson, Perry, NY

Nellie received Nancy’s letter and was sorry to hear so many friends are sick. They all liked Perry from the beginning except her grandmother, but she likes it better now. The school closed with a Friday night exhibition which was well received. She isn’t looking forward to the next term as so few that went that winter would be returning. She and Frank went over to Pavilion to a party. Was sorry Ethan had to give up the band.

Scan of 1871-04-02 Nellie Tomlinson to Nancy Keith

Perry Apr 2nd 1871

Dear Cousin Nancy

Your letter was duly received and contents eagerly noted. We were all very sorry to hear that so many of our friends were sick and hope the next tidings we receive will be that you have all recovered. Ma[1] has been sick with the head ache all day, did not go to church. Pa[2] and Grandma[3] started for Pavilion[4] a little while ago. They are going to Leroy[5] to morrow and coming back home Tuesday.

Grandma likes Perry considerable better than she did at first and the rest of us liked it from the beginning. The winter term of our school closed last Friday evening with an exhibition. It passed off very well and the people seemed pleased with it.

Thursday evening we rehearsed almost every all of it, then again a good share of it Friday fore noon, and with all the rehearsing we had done before and the exhibition itself Friday eve you may know we were nearly used up yesterday. School commences again a week from Tuesday. I dred the thought of going next term there are so few that went this winter that will be there.

A week ago Friday night Frank[6] and I went over to Pavilion to a party. We had a splendid time and came home the next night feeling well paid for going a distance of twelve miles.

Who did Ethan[7] mean by Walter? I supposed it was Loyd Higgins but Frank asked him if his name was Walter and he said it was not. Please explain in your next letter. I have never got any acquainted with Loyd Higgins. He did not come very steady the latter part of the term and I have never had even an introduction.

I have not seen Henry[8] since the fore part of January and I do not think he has written to any of us since. Have Aunt Katy[9] and Lucy[10] got well? How are you and Ethen?

It was too bad he had to give up the band.[11]

Has Aunt Katy entirely given up the idea of making us a visit? I hope you will excuse this large sheet of paper.

It is now nearly time to go to evening meeting and I concluded to finish this and carry it along when I go and put it in the box.

Now please answer this soon and write all the news.

With much love to yourself and all the friends, I remain

Your Cousin[12]


P.S. My love to Hannah[13] in particular


[1] Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

[2] George Tomlinson

[3] Marion’s mother, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[4] Pavilion, New York

[5] Le Roy, New York

[6] Her brother, Frank John Tomlinson

[7] Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[8] Could be referring to Nancy’s older half-brother, Henry Keith

[9] Catharine (Keith) Bradley Lee

[10] Catharine’s daughter, Lucy Irene (Lee) Milham

[11] According to the History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan (1880), the Galesburg Cornet Band was organized August 4, 1870. Charles Harris was the leader and he played the E-flat cornet. Ethan Keith played the 2d E-flat cornet

[12] Nellie’s grandmother and Nancy’s father were siblings

[13] Nancy’s younger sister, Hannah Keith

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