1861 Letters

June 29, 1861 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

June 29, 1861

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

George received the package with the money in it; however, Western money can’t be used. Remittances should be made in drafts or in Eastern money. Times are hard as wool is not selling at any price. John Page took all his livestock over to his father’s. Mr. Doty took Mary Page’s furniture over to his place. The trouble is between Mr. Page and Mr. Doty, not between Mr. and Mrs. Page. Mr. Page is going west and does not intend to pay the $300 he owes.

Pavilion June 29, 1861

C. L. Keith

Your card advising me of Package sent by Express came duly to hand. I this day Recd the the package containing 88$. Some of the money we cant use here – all western money is refused.

If you can buy draft on NY. for 2 pr ct. it would be better to make remittences in drafts – unless you can get eastern funds. It is very hard times here – there is yet no market for wool at any price.

I have seen Crossman about that hollow Auger, he has not seen one. Horace Smead thinks of getting one – he wrote to the manufacturer for price. They cost eight dollars each. Smead is going to have one sent to Bixbys so he can see how he likes it. The Auger is made only in one place & none of them have yet found the way into this vicinity yet.

Smead thinks also of getting one for his machine – for such a one he will have to pay 12$.

We are all usually well. It is awful hard times with us – our sales are light & collections nowhere.

July 2

We are having one of the rains you read of – it commenced yesterday before noon and holds its own yet. We were all dried up – the prospect is we shall get soaked out.

Mother[1] has been to see old Mrs Peterson, she is very smart – waiting to die, she will be ninety eight in Aug. There was a regular stampede down at John Page’s the other day. He took his cattle, sheep, and horses, and went to his fathers. Mr Doty took Mary and her furniture to his house. The trouble is between Doty and Page, not Page and his wife. Page is going west. He has got his property into his fathers hands and makes his brags that he owes $300 that he dont mean to pay.[2]


[1] George’s mother-in-law, and Luke’s sister, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[2] There is no signature but the handwriting is that of George Tomlinson

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