Family Stories

Ethan Keith – Inventor – Part 2

ETHAN KEITH – INVENTOR – PART 2[i] Ethan Keith – 1851 – 1934 Ethan in his later years in his workshop Ever since I was a little girl, when the family would get together, talk would soon turn to family members who were no longer with us. One of the stories that always fascinated me… Continue reading Ethan Keith – Inventor – Part 2

Family Stories · Luke's 1878 Diary

Forays Into Spiritualism

Many stories recounting forays into the realms of Spiritualism involving members of both the families of Ambrose & Matilda Brown and Charles “Luke” & Sarah Keith Jr. have been passed down through the generations. Letters and diary entries of various family members also mention spiritualism or attending a “circle.” The following are just a few:… Continue reading Forays Into Spiritualism

Family Stories · Nancy's 1874 Diary

Nancy Brown’s diary entries of February 14 – April 10, 1874

Feb 14 – Warm and Pleasant. The same man preached this morning at nine. We have been crowded for tin types all day. Took in nine dollars $9.00. Will came this afternoon. A band from Battle Creek played here this afternoon and evening for the Auction. Happy Charley showed here this eve. Feb 15 –… Continue reading Nancy Brown’s diary entries of February 14 – April 10, 1874

Family Stories · Henry's 1873 Diary

Henry A. Brown – Photographer

As I’ve been working on transcribing the letters and diaries from the 1870’s, I keep running across different entries where I realize I have a picture (or pictures) of what my ancestors were writing about. So this blog post is about my great-grandfather, Henry (or Hank) Ambrose Brown, who was a photographer. Here’s a picture… Continue reading Henry A. Brown – Photographer

Family Stories · Luke's 1873 Diary

1873 Plat Map of Comstock, Michigan

As I was transcribing the 1873 diaries of Luke, Nancy and Henry, I kept running across entries where I realized I had pictures and/or documents relating to what they were writing about. It’s always interesting to know where our ancestors lived and I’ll be blogging several posts with pictures and such other things I have… Continue reading 1873 Plat Map of Comstock, Michigan