1899 Letters

June 8, 1899 letter to Nancy Brown from Lela Brown

June 8, 1899

To: Nancy Brown

From: Lela Brown, Chicago IL

Isn’t feeling very well and then writes that she has broken out in a rash and Bess thinks it is the German measles. If she does have the measles she won’t be able to go to Galesburg for her brother’s wedding.

1899-06-08 Lela Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago June 8th 1899

My dear Mamma:

Your letter came this noon so will write some and have Papa[1] mail it to night.

It’s just half past two and my breakfast dishes aren’t done but I have done a washing to day and and am feeling pretty bum any way. I dont know whats the trouble unless the City water. I have been drinking that some the last two or three days and every joint in my body is stiff and my head feels as big as a barrel. Mrs. Leader is sick this week and Bess[2] and I went all over Frankfort St Tuesday to find some one to do our washing but couldnt so I had to do it (with Grandmas[3] help). When you get here you want to make her send her rags and night caps etc to the wash as I had them to wash this morning, She wanted me to wash her dress but I didn’t feel like doing any more than I was obliged to. Just washed Claude’s, Bessie’s and my own things but there was a lot of them. I will

I expect to come to Galesburg on the train that leaves Kal[4] at 6:20 or about that time Monday morning. Will leave Chicago in the morning. I guess I won’t stop in Kal. Monday night for I wont feel much like being up after being coming so far and then it will be hard work for me to get up so early in the morning.

Bessie won’t come to the Burg[5] before the wedding.[6] Guess we will do as you said about visiting. Got a letter from Essie this morning & said for us to bring our trunk there. Then we will go to Shelbyville[7] about Tuesday or Wednesday.

I don’t know whether we can bring the screens or not but will try to. Am almost afraid we can’t though.

Aunt Lizzie[8] wants you to bring Ruth and Perry[9] home with you and is going to write to you about it.

Friday Morning

Bess is home to day, doesn’t have to work anymore this week unless she has to work Sunday for Tillie.

I am all broken out this morning just a little fine rash. Bess thinks I have German measles so if I have I don’t think I will come Monday but hope to goodness I haven’t and don’t think I have.

We haven’t got our work done yet but are waiting for the post man and I guess he is here now.

Must close and go to work. If I can’t come Monday will have a letter then.

With love


Saturday morning

Claude is just packing his grip and Bess is seeing to the breakfast while I finish this. I don’t feel so well this morning. Papa thinks I have some kind of measles but I won’t have a Dr. unless I get where I have to for he wouldn’t let us go home probably. I should have mailed this last night but forgot it.


[1] Henry Brown

[2] Her sister, Bess Brown

[3] Matilda (Allen) Brown

[4] Kalamazoo

[5] Galesburg, Michigan

[6] Her brother Claude’s wedding which would take place on June 15

[7] Where her Aunt Louese (Keith) Harris’ family lived

[8] Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown

[9] Lizzie’s children

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