1899 Letters

May 14, 1899 letter to Charlotte Farwell from Sallie Scott

May 14, 1899

To: Charlotte Farwell

From: Sallie Scott

Writes about the interment at the cemetery for their father, who died just ten weeks after their mother did. Wishes Charlotte could come for a long visit before she goes to Denver.

1899-05-14 Sallie Scott to Charlotte Farwell

Sunday P.M.
May 14 – 99

Dear Charlotte –

Annie[1] wrote you yesterday and possibly there is little to tell now. You know all about Pas sickness and death,[2] and that we laid him away on Thursday just ten weeks from the day Mother died[3] beside Mother. The day was warm & lovely & everything so green & the flowers so beautiful that it did not seem hard to leave him there. He’s at rest now, and he’s happier than he was here, so we’ll not mourn for him. Our home is of course lonely and desolate & the vacancies & care are great and we feel that there is nothing to do. Yet everything will move along just the same.

I have done up 25 Papers today to send to friends but Tuesday there be a better account in the paper published here & will get more copies & then send you one of those & to all the grand children and please send Nells[4] address for we do not know her new one. I presume we shall live here just the same – for we’ll all have to have a home – and I wish so much you could come here now and stay a long time before going to Denver which I hope you do in the fall. Could it be managed to send Olive there now & you come here? What do you think? Fred[5] has not been well but is better for the last few days. I made her let the Dr give her a good over hauling – has a Catarral trouble of the stomach – her blood is in poor condition. She’s taking medicine now & is on the mend & her eyes are better. They have been ever since the snow went away. Annie will go on Tuesday I think – has gone up to the Cemetery this afternoon.

I cannot write any more this time. Annie of course wrote you that Will & Catlin came down to the funeral.

Mrs Hubbel died this morning has been sick some time. Pneumonia first then Typhoid.

Love to you both from all of us.

Sallie Scott[6]


[1] Their sister, Anna (Brockway) Gray

[2] Daniel Brockway. Michigan death records show he died May 9, 1899 in Lake Linden, Michigan and FindAGrave.com shows he is buried in Lake View Cemetery, Calumet, Michigan

[3] Lucena (Harris) Brockway. Michigan death records show she died March 2, 1899 in Lake Linden, Michigan and FindAGrave.com shows she is buried in Lake View Cemetery, Calumet, Michigan

[4] Charlotte’s daughter, Helen “Nellie” (Farwell) Gagg

[5] Research continues regarding “Fred” but from previous correspondence it appears that Fred is a female

[6] Sarah (Brockway) Scott

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