1898 Letters

October 27, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Bess Brown

October 27, 1898
To: Nancy Brown
From: Bess Brown, Chicago, IL

Is too excited to write much as Papa bought a music box and it was just delivered at suppertime. Describes the music box and some of the records that came with it.

1898-10-27 Bess Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago, Ill.
Oct 27 – 1898

Dear ones at home:-

Yours received this A.M. but was to busy to answer it, and am to excited to night to write much.

Papa[1] went down town to day and got a music box. It came while we were eating supper. Gosh it’s fine, on a real pretty oak stand with brass trimmings. The music box is about two feet square and ten inches high. The music comes on round sheets that are tin that come with it. Then we can buy as many as we choose for $.60 each. They only brought up four sheets to night. Papa left the other six for us to pick out. The ones he brought are “O Promise Me,” “Hot Time” (that’s fine), Columbus March, Polka Wing dance. I don’t know yet what six we’ll get but Stars and Stripes forever and The Sweetest Story ever told are two of them.

We havent that strap that I can find anyway I measure 27 in.

You send the fruit in the chest but send the dresser too. Business is pretty good considering the weather. Will write some more in a day or two but am too excited to night don’t feel like setting still.




[1] Henry Brown

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