1898 Letters

October 10, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

October 10, 1898

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Lela Brown, Chicago, IL

Wants to stay until Saturday so would like her mother to find out if she can stay and then send her a telegram with the answer.

1898-10-10 Lela Brown to Nancy Brown

Oct 10 – 98.

Dear Mamma:

I am having a dandy time and want to stay until Saturday. Now if you want to real bad, telephone and ask them if I can stay until Saturday, then you telegraph what you find out as a letter wouldnt get here in time. Telegraph whether I can stay or not. Send telegram C.O.D. send it Tuesday.

We were going down town this morning but Papa[1] shipped out with the key so we cant get ready. I want to go down town this P.M. but Ma Bess[2] says no. Its the first time I have wanted to go any where and its the first time she didnt. Papa made 380 negatives yesterday (48.00).

Fanny and Miss Baxter are coming over to supper to night. Aunt Cora and Uncle Jim[3] are coming over to morrow.

We are going to the Park in the morning.

With love



[1] Her father, Henry Brown

[2] Her sister, Bess Brown

[3] Cora (Meredith) & Jim Keith; Jim was Nancy’s brother

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