1898 Letters

July 7, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

July 7, 1898

To: Nancy Brown

From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

Will probably move the gallery next week but hasn’t found a place yet. Business has been a little better than last week and sends a check for $25.00.

1898-07-07 Henry Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago Ill July 7

Dear ones at home

Yours received to-day. I guess it will be all right for Bess[1] to come when you do as we will probally get moved some where next week but have found no place yet that we can get for sure. There is a place on Ashland ave but dont know as we can get it. Expect a letter to day deciding the matter. Have to pay 2500 per mo but it is in a very much better location than this and a better building and more room and a better light. It is about 2 miles nearer the city and just about 2 blocks from Milwaukee Ave and Division st. Electric cars run past the door. It is not as nice a place to live as this but if we can do more business that is what we are after. I think we will take it if he will let us. Business here has been a little better than last week. So far the 4th was a good day about $1700. So far this week have taken in a little over $5000. I have spent some time and money this week looking for location and will look a little more tomorrow forenoon. To day I have had to trim pictures all day. Reene has been mounting – did not print any to-day. Well will send you check for 2500. You will have Lela[2] get a 2¢ stamp and put on it. I cant get any here without going down town. She may have to get it at Bank. We are all well here and it is very good weather. Hope you will come week from Sat and will look for you.

Love to all

Yours Truly

H A Brown


[1] Their daughter, Bess Brown

[2] Their daughter, Lela Brown

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