1898 Letters

May 23, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

May 23, 1898

To: Nancy Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

More updates on the photography business.

Chicago Ill May 23 1898

Mrs H A Brown
Kalamazoo Mich
1005 AM

Dear ones at home

I have made 5 sittings this am – and just went down to Station 9 and got a money order for $65.00 which I will send to you. Had it made payable to Lela[1] as before. We did not do much yesterday as it was a showery day and people could not get out but we managed to make 283 sittings and took in $44.80. This would paralize Packard.[2] Developed 14 plates last night and not a poor picture or a double in the lot and in fact dont make any more doubles. I was not as tired last night as I have been many times with Packard but was glad when it came night. Stoped writing to make sixty pictures for a man and they have to be sent to New Haven Conn. He is visiting here and if they are good wants more so took one now on plate and can put strip ok. Did not go to show as I wrote you. Perhaps we would as that day had 7 or 8 plates to develope and it is just so every day. I cant go any where and in fact dont want to as long as business keeps good. The people are crazy about the pictures and some have had 3 & 4 sittings and still are not satisfied as they say they will want more. With the help we have now can keep up with the work nicely and do some more work than we are now doing. I have plates enough in stock now to do over $70000 worth of work and paper about 14 gross and cards about 30000 now and in fact am in good shape to do business. Pringle called on us yesterday. He is the man that worked for me on Cottage Grove Ave. He is looking fine and has a splendid position as demonstrator for Lovell dry plates. Says he married the girl he was keeping and they have a nice flat and asked me to come and see them. I will go if possible and also I am going to see Uncle His folks[3] soon as possible. This is a nice morning here just as fine as it could make. Rene has got off over a gross of paper this am and will have almost 2 gross to tone. He begins at 2 pm and it takes him till 6 pm to get them washed and some times later. He is all right and earns all I pay him 1.00 per day. Well I will stop and go to work. So long.

H A Brown


[1] Their daughter, Lela Brown

[2] Cullin Channing Packard. He apparently worked with Henry in some capacity in the photography business. Nancy’s diary entry of May 31, 1898 relates that he shot himself

[3] Nancy’s uncle and aunt, Hiram & Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford Jr.

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