1898 Letters

May 2, 1898 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

May 2, 1898
To: Nancy Brown, 1236 Summit Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI
From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

Tells of the various household items he has bought as well as some photography items. Feels he almost has enough to do business with now.

1898-05-02 Henry Brown to Nancy Brown

Chicago Ill May 2 1898
Dear Ones at home

Well it is 6 oclock Monday night. To-day has not been a very good one only took in 1.90. I had to go down town this a.m. did not get back until 1015 and then had carpenter & plumber this afternoon and have been in a great muss all afternoon. I have just put up a new bed. It an iron painted white with a woven wire mattrass with iron frame and excelsior mattrass cotton top. I got the bed, 12 chairs, 1 dresser with bowl glass and wash bowl &c. Whole thing cost 2800 put 300 down & 275 per month until paid for. Claude[1] will sleep with me. Lizzie[2] spent 495 for me to day – got 3 sheets, 4 pillow cases, bed spread, towells & 20 yds. curtain cloth. I got some toys and toning trays, 3 trays all larger than the largest we had, about twice as large. Paid 123 for the three. I have almost enough to do business with now. Will have to get come more things in side of a week and it will not cost over 500 more and then I will be in good shape. I bought 7700 cards and had them all cut smooth edges and they will be 17/8 in square. They cost 265 and are better stock than we ever used in K.[3] Now about Bess.[4] If when you get this she has not started you can write and mail it in the fornoon and we will get it next morning and Lizzie says she will meet her in afternoon so she can start in morning if she rather. Your letter came this a.m. All ok and was glad to hear from you.

Well I must close and go to supper so good bye


Can you send some pillows


[1] Their son, Claude Brown

[2] Elizabeth (Ogden) Brown, the wife of his brother, Willis Brown

[3] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[4] Their daughter, Bess Brown

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