1896 Letters

September 6, 1896 letter to Nancy Brown from Henry Brown

September 6, 1896

To: Nancy Brown

From: Henry Brown, Chicago, IL

Business has been good, took in $134.31 the last week. He doesn’t have time to think about anything but work, so it will be up to Nancy and Lela to decide if they want to move down to Chicago or stay in Michigan. There is a crayon artist there and it appears that Henry is letting him use the gallery rent-free for two or three weeks and then if things work out they will come to some arrangement.

Chicago Sept 6 96 715

Dear ones at home

Saturday was a good day so was Sunday and Monday and have not had any time to write. Took in 14.80 Sat, 42.90 Sun, 2500 Mo, 700 today. Last week was 134.31. Business keeps pretty good considering the weather was awful hot last week. Began getting cooler Sunday and to night a fire would feel not so bad. Lizzie, Will,[1] Bess[2] & I went to Shutes last night. Saw a man drop to his death. Will cut out piece and send to you. We were about 150 feet from where he droped. We started for home at once. Bess has gone to Jim’s[3] to stay to night. Claude[4] & I ate supper alone. She started to get it, I finished. Did not wash dishes. Have got to develop about 17 or 18 negatives to night so will have to get at it. Claude will sleep here with me and he will go to bed before I begin developing. We have a crayon artist here now. Will put up some samples in day or two and see what we can do. He is working on his own hook. If we like him and can agree will try and make some arrangements to have him stay and try and get something out of the business. I told him he could have all he could make for 2 or three weeks or until he could get a start. He is a married man lives near here and appears like a nice man. His work is just ordinary. It is awful about Cora Harris.[5] Hope she will recover and that it wont do Lou[6] any harm but it is a great trial the excitement and strain and it will be a long tedious struggle for them all. It does seem as though the old nick was after them up there. When you need money let me know. Also let me know when interest is due on Geogrs mortgage. You will find somthing about it in the trunk also how much it is. I cant tell whether it is 4200 or 4500. Lizzie does our washing now. She was very anxious to do it. She is as well as usual now I guess. Lela[7] you want to come before long or it will be cold weather or else you will moove here before you visit. I dont know what to say about your all mooving here but you can do what you think best. I dont have time to think about anything but work and you must decide that matter among yourselves. I think it would lessen expenses some and you ought to decide before long so as to get moved before cold weather.

Love to all,

H.A. Brown


[1] His sister-in-law and brother, Elizabeth (Ogden) & Willis Brown

[2] Their daughter, Bess Brown

[3] Nancy’s brother, Jim Keith

[4] Their son, Claude Brown

[5] Daniel Harris, the husband of Nancy’s sister Louese

[6] Louese (Keith) Harris, Nancy’s sister, and wife of Daniel Harris

[7] Their daughter, Lela Brown

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