1897 Letters

January 2, 1897 letter to Luke Keith from Levi E. Struble

January 2, 1897

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: L. E. Struble, Kalamazoo, MI

Didn’t pay Luke for repairing his violin as the back came unglued in less than 12 days. He will be in Galesburg soon and will stop in.

Kalamazoo   Jan 2 1897

Mr. Keith

Dear Sir

I rec your letter in regard to violin and I would say that the simple reason I never paid you was because I did not think it was a satisfactory job as the back came on glued in less than 12 days after you fixed it. I will be over to Galesburg in a short time and will stop at your place & if you think you are entitle to 12 shillings all OK.

I remain yours truly.

L. E. Struble[1]
Kalamazoo Mich
P O Box 393


[1] Believe this to be Levi E. Struble. The 1880 census shows him living in Comstock/Galesburg, and the 1900 census shows him in Kalamazoo

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