1891 Letters

January 1, 1891 letter to Ethan Keith from Jim Keith

January 1, 1891

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Jim Keith, Chicago, IL

All are well except Grace, but she is alright now. Doesn’t seem like New Year’s; it rained all night and doesn’t show signs of letting up. Would like Henry’s address. Minnie’s sister Sarah is moving in with “her man” next week. Minnie told her she cannot come back to live with her again if she leaves him.

Chicago Jan 1 1891

Dear Brother

Well I got here after waiting three hours and a half in Kal.[1] Did not leave there until 820 and got here just 12. Made the run in three hours and a half pretty good time. Found the folks[2] all well but Grace[3] but she is all right now if she dont catch cold. Hank[4] came up to supper with me Monday night. I went to sleep at Niles and sleep most into Chicago. Wish I was at home to day. What do Pa & Ma[5] think of there preasent.

When the Conductor came in after my ticket I just put down G. Milner[?] forgot to put in the E. He never said a word. I am going to keep the book have got 132 miles in it yet just about what I will use when I come home in June. This dont seem much like New Years. It has rained all night and dont look as if it was going to let up very soon. When you write send me Henrys[6] address. Will send that South Bend paper and a Sunday paper next Monday. We begin tomorrow to make 500 gall of paint a day and more if we can. Cora[7] is feeling bad about her staying over to Lou[8] last Friday night think Lou did not like it. You must of been home sometime before I left Kal. How did Bess[9] stand it did she get cold.  Sara[10] and her man go to liveing togather next week. Minn dont like it very well say she can not come and live with her again if she leaves him. He stayed with her last Sunday night and week ago to night and last night she was out all night with some other fellow and expects her man again to night. Dont know how Hank has been makeing it. Good bye. Write soon.




[1] Kalamazoo

[2] Jim was living with Eugene & Minnie (Crooks) Crawford; Eugene was his maternal first cousin

[3] Eugene & Minnie’s daughter, Grace Crawford

[4] Their brother-in-law, Henry Brown

[5] Charles “Luke” & Sarah (Crawford) Keith Jr.

[6] Their half-brother, Henry Keith

[7] His girlfriend, Cora Meredith

[8] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[9] Their niece, Bess Brown

[10] Presume this to be Minnie’s half-sister, Sarah McCloskey

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