1890 Letters

November 30, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Florence Keith

November 30, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Florence Keith, Oakland, CA

They are settled in and enjoying their new home. Henry was transferred a few weeks ago to the Portland run making three trips in two weeks and likes it better than the Los Angeles run. Gives an update on her mother and two sisters.

Oakland Cal

Nov 30 1890

Brother Ethan

Yours of Oct 6th rc’d, was glad to hear.

We are all pretty well and nicely settled in our new home. We like it here very much, think after while we will like it better than Stockton. Of course the climate is nicer. We have had delightful all fall, no rain yet and such nice warm days. We do not need a fire in the middle of the day. Henrys[1] run was through Ceres, but a few weeks ago they transferred him to the Portland run so he goes from here to “.[2] He makes three trips in two weeks. He likes it better than the Los Angeles run, tis not so dusty up that way as the southern run was. He keeps ___ well most of the time too, it seems to agree with him. He had to lay off a week about a month ago, kind of a bilious attack I think. Mother is in Sacramento. She is far from well,[3] in fact she is as poorly as I ever saw her and keep out of bed. My oldest sister[4] was married the 13th of this month to a Sac-[5] man. They were married from here. I am not much acquainted with him but he seems to be a nice kind man and I think he will be good to her. I hope so any way. My youngest sister’s[6] husband[7] has secured a very good position in San Francisco to commence the fifteenth of Dec so they have sold out in Sac and are coming here to Oakland to live.

Henry will be home tuesday morning. It takes him four nights and three days to make the trip, then he is home two days and one night then starts out again. I am glad he likes it so well and tis a good paying business too. Did Hattie Tomlinson[8] say anything about getting a photo of Henry? He sent one of himself and of Ray[9] to Aunt Patty[10] and wrote to them but never heard a word from any of them. He sent some to Lou[11] too, but we never heard whether she got them or not. He has two laid by for Jim[12] and that is why he wanted his address and he wants to write to him too but he has so much writing to do he gets tired. He hears from Helen[13] once in a while. We did not get the invitation to the “anniversary”[14] in time and presume we would have gone. Expect we missed a good deal. Wish you could take a trip with Henry he would enjoy it. He was lucky to miss being on the train that was wrecked near Salem, wasnt he? The P.P[?] conductor that got hurt was one Henry broke in for the Co. He has initiated several since he has been running. I must write to Nan.[15] Have not heard from her in a long time and I think Henry owes Lois[16] a letter. Give our love to them all, and especially to Ma & Pa.[17] Ray sends his love to you all, he says tell you he is saving his money for a ____ and has got $20.00 towards it. Write soon.

Your sister


The postmaster will think you have got a letter from your girl.


[1] Henry Keith, her husband, and Ethan’s half-brother

[2] The ditto mark was written underneath the word Portland on the line above

[3] Eliza (Cooper) Stall Ketchum. The 1880 census shows that she was “unable to attend to daily affairs” due to neuralgia

[4] Sarah J. (Stall) Dudley. She and Charles Dudley were married in 1877 in Illinois, so it would appear this is a second marriage; research continues

[5] Sacramento

[6] Carrie (Stall) Goodfriend

[7] Arnold Goodfriend

[8] Not sure who this is referring to. “Aunt Patty” was living with her daughter and son-in-law, Marion (Sprague) & George Tomlinson. Perhaps Marion’s nickname was Hattie

[9] Her son, Arthur Raymond Keith

[10] Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[11] Ethan’s sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[12] Ethan’s brother, James Keith

[13] Unknown at this time; research continues

[14] Unknown at this time; research continues

[15] Ethan’s sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[16] Henry’s sister, and Ethan’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[17] Ethan’s parents, Sarah (Crawford) and Charles “Luke” Keith Jr.

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