1890 Letters

September 14, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Jim Keith

September 14, 1890

To: Ethan Keith

From: Jim Keith, Chicago, IL

Is anxious to hear how Ethan’s invention is coming along. They recently moved and it is a good move. Writes that the World’s Columbian Exposition is going to be at the lakefront and Jackson Park.

Chicago Sept 14 1890

Dear Brother

Dont know if I owe you a letter or not but I am anxious to hear how you are comeing on with your elevator.[1] Will[2] had a letter from Lois[3] the other day. She said it was working good. But I would like to know if you had made any changes in it and if any one had been to look at it and what the prospects are. Has Charley been to Canada yet?[4] I wrote to Ma[5] two week ago and sent her $2.00 have not heared from her yet so dont know as she got it or not. It has been awful cold here the last few days. See by the papers that thay have been haveing some snow in Dakota and the cold wave was comeing this way. I guess it has got here all right. We moved last Monday made a good change. I think Gene[6] gits this flat for $15 and are down on the ground. The other he payed $16 and was up stairs. Minnie[7] is geting along all right now I guess, dont hear her say any thing more but that she is. Will works every day has not been off but one day since he come back. Was sick that day. He is grunting all the time says he dont feel well and cant sleep nights but he wont lay off a day or so and rest so there is no one to blame but himself. Wish some of you could come out here this fall. Have been looking for D.[8] dont know as he is comeing out this fall or not. The exposition is in full blast now but guess it dont amount to much this year. You no doubt have seen that the Worlds Columbian exposition is going to be at the Lake front and Jackson Park after all trouble thay have had. I ordered a suit of clothes yesterday thay are black plain made with a wide seam. Guess I will git an overcoat just like them if thay suit me all right. Am still working in the paint shop or house.

Monday night. Yesterday noon when I went to dinner went W. over to the barn with Will and from there down town so did not get time back in time to finish this. Went and saw Bert Chase. It was just one oclock when I got there. We set down and never got up untill seven. We sit there and talked si[x] hours straight. Will has gone to the Theater to night. Guess he gone to the Windser (Clark & Division) to see Tom Sawyer one of Mark Twains plays. Had a letter from Cora[9] to day said that Lou[10] on was sick and Floyd[11] had been. What is the matter for Lou? She has not been having any (rest of page cut off during scan) We are all well as usual. I never felt any better than I do this fall. Guess that paint agrees with me. Will close for this so good bye.

Write soon.




[1] Ethan’s Grain Carrier invention which received a patent on April 8, 1890

[2] William Clark, their nephew, the daughter of their half-sister, Lois

[3] Their half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[4] Ethan’s neighbor, Charles Towne. It appears that Charley had been helping Ethan with the grain carrier (see May 25, 1890 letter)

[5] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[6] His maternal first cousin, Eugene Crawford, with whom he was living

[7] Gene’s wife, Minnie (Crooks) Crawford

[8] Their brother-in-law, Daniel Harris

[9] His girlfriend, Cora Meredith

[10] Their sister, Louese (Keith) Harris

[11] D. and Louese’s son, Floyd Harris

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