1890 Letters

September 2, 1890 postcard to Ethan Keith from Hannah Comfort

September 2, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Hannah Comfort, Campden, Ontario, Canada

Wants to know when he gets the photo.

Campden, Sep 2[1]

Please let me know if you get the photo. I will write just as soon as I can.

Yours &c[2]

H. M. Comfort[3]

Address to this place.


[1] While no year is given, based on another letter written by her on October 1, 1890 it is assumed this postcard was written in 1890 also

[2] Etc.

[3] Hannah M. Comfort. Ethan’s mother Sarah (Crawford) Keith and Hannah were maternal first cousins

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