1890 Letters

September 10, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from John Tomlinson

September 10, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: John Tomlinson, Perry, NY

His wife is in Concord, will not be able to go to Galesburg, but will let Ethan know when to meet her in Jackson. Hopes Ethan will come home with her when she is ready.

Office of the
GEO. TOMLINSON & SON, Proprietors

Perry, N.Y., Sept. 10 1890

Cousin Ethan

Your letter came duly to hand. Had just written you, and was glad to hear from you.

As I wrote, Hattie[1] is in Concord. Expects to come home about the last of the month.

Father[2] is not very strong, and as we have considerable on hand do not expect to go to Mich this year. I will furnish the “needful” if you will come home with Hattie when she is ready. I mean business, so make up your mind to come. She can not go to Galesburg this time, but will let you know when to meet her in Jackson.

We are having a perfect deluge of rain this week. Many beans are pulled and many more will require three weeks good weather to ripen them. Father is busy this week looking after fitting of set new segments for overshot wheel. Expect any day the old ones to give out.

Grandmother[3] complains of being quite lame lately. Weather has been very hot and damp. You said nothing about Hannah.[4] Is she coming down here this fall?

Make up your mind to come and write soon.


J. F. Tomlinson[5]


[1] His wife, Harriet (Root) Tomlinson

[2] George Tomlinson

[3] His maternal grandmother, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[4] Ethan’s sister, Hannah Keith

[5] John Frank Tomlinson. Ethan’s father and John’s grandmother were siblings

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