1890 Letters

June 28, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Henry Keith

June 28, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Henry Keith, Los Angeles, CA

Henry was out of a job and it was suggested he apply for a job as a Pullman Conductor. He runs between L.A. and Oakland. His family is still in L.A. and he intends to move them to Oakland as soon as he can.

Los Angeles, Cal.  June 28, 1890

Dear Brother

Having lots of time and nothing to do, I thought I could not better employ myself than by writing to you. I am as you see in Los Angeles. Yes I am now but tomorrow at this time I will be on my way to Oakland. I am running between Oakland and this City regularly as Pullman Conductor have been with the Co. since May 16th. I was out of a job and Hugh Aldrich said to me why dont you apply for a job as Pullman Con so having pretty good influence to back me I put in an application in March was accepted and here I am. Well it is a nice job and it beats nothing all to pieces. I would rather be in a mill providing I was not obliged to work all night as I used to. To be sure this is night work yet I am able to get to sleep about 11 or 12 oclock. I am out 2 nights from Oakland then in one. Have not moved my family to Oakland yet but intend to as soon as I can. Los Angeles is a very nice City yet I like Oakland far better. I have not been home since I came on to the road but have seen Florence[1] twice and Ray[2] once. I cannot get away to go home very well, so have to do without seeing them. Florence had a letter from Nancy[3] a time ago said Henry[4] was in Ill.[5] Hope he will get a good location somewhere. How is your machine comming on. I would like to see it and all of the folks as well. Write as often as you can and direct to Oakland Pier & P.P.Cco.

With best wishes I am

Your brother



[1] His wife, Florence (Stall) Keith

[2] His son, Arthur Raymond Keith

[3] Their sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[4] Nancy’s husband, Henry Brown

[5] Illinois

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