1890 Letters

March 2, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Jim Keith

March 2, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: James Keith, Chicago, IL

He was back home in Chicago. Was sorry to hear about D’s barn fire and the loss of his horses. He hopes Ethan and the rest of the folks will come to Chicago for the World’s Fair. The papers say it will be out at the lakefront park, but he doesn’t think that will be a good place for it as there isn’t room enough there.

Chicago March 2nd/90

Dear Brother

Well I have got back to work once more. Got in the City Wednesday night at nine Oclock sharp. Will* was there waiting for me. We come through a flying[?] only stoped three times. The Conductor took that ticket all right never said a word. I did not think but he would when I thought about D.[1] coming on that train last fall. That was to bad about D. looseing his barn and horses.[2] Then to think how the stock must of sufford. I think he was lucky that he did not loose every thing. I guess that the folks wanted Will and I to know it. Friday night I got a letter from Cora,[3] Saturday one from Hannah[4] and Will one from Lois.[5] Those pictures of Cora I think are just splendid. I only got one. That was all Hank[6] had finished. Wonder what Hank will do now. Wish he could find something to do in Kal.[7] I think he is better off then Charley. Nan[8] was awful blue Wednesday night when I came away. Well I will look for you now sure and all the rest of the folks to the Worlds fair.[9] I am glad that Chicago got it. The papers say there are going to have it out to the Lake front park. Dont think that will be a very good place for it, will not have be room enough there. I should not think it will be on the south side. Any way it will be a harvest for Holmes[10] and for some of his Conductors. It would be for me if I was there. It may be pretty good times on the north side. Gene and Minnie[11] are well. Gene is pretty well pleased over his day car. Well it is dinner time for me. Sullivan my gripman has not worked only four day since I went home. Has been sick all the time. Suppose H– came last night.[12] When you write you can tell me what she said about the fire.

Good bye

Write soon

Yours Jim


* Their nephew, William Clark

[1] Daniel D. Harris Jr., their sister Louese’s husband

[2] Luke Keith’s February 26th diary entry: D Harrises Barn and Horses, cow and calf Burnt

[3] His future wife, Cora Meredith

[4] Their sister, Hannah Keith

[5] Their half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[6] Henry Brown, their sister Nancy’s husband, who was a photographer

[7] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[8] Their sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[9] 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

[10] Charles B. Holmes, president of the Chicago City Railway

[11] Their maternal first cousin and his wife, Eugene & Minnie (Crooks) Crawford

[12] Luke Keith’s March 1st diary entry: Hannah came home from Shelby[ville]

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