1890 Letters

January 15, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Oscar Keith

January 15, 1890

To: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Oscar Keith, Bloomingdale, MI

Will send his family record to Ethan to forward on to Aylmer Keith. When the book is issued he will try to get it. He heard that Hannah is going to marry and hopes that she will do well and not regret the “step she makes in that direction.”

Bloomingdale Jany 15th 1890

Dear Cousin Eathan

Your welcom letter of the 5th Recd. Was glad that you were satisfied with those Picturs. All that have seen them say that they are good. How is this for winter. It suits me first rate and so far as I am concerned I do not care about it being any harder. If you wish to send to Almer[1] my family record I will send it to you at once. You said brace up I done so and looked around somewhat but I could not see that I help me in the least. I found that it cost just as much for a pound of sugar as it did before but it is some satisfaction I think that some of us have been men of note and when the Book is issued I shall try to get it. How are all of the folks. I heard that Hannah[2] was expecting to marry soon. Is that a fact. I hope so if she wants to and doubt not that she can do well. If she does I hope she will not regret the step she takes in that direction. It is very muddy here just now. It is thawing out again. You can see the snow on the ground and that is all. Who ever saw so much rain and then it rains so hard with Thunder & Lightning quite often. I am not doing any thing this winter. I made a sale to sell of my truck on the farm. Do not expect to leave here. I hope that you are well. Mary[3] has gone to Kendalls to see her Aunt (Mrs Lusk).[4] She is very sick so her daughter wrote. Give our love to you, Hannah, Nancy[5] and all of the Friends.

I was glad to hear that Aunt Patty[6] trip did not make her sick. Where is Rose James[7] and what is her Post Office Address. What are you working at this winter. Would a letter find Henry[8] at Sacramento now. Glen[9] is at Astoria again. Write to him (Box 462). There is nothing of news in this place at present. Write as often as you can get time and oblige.

Yours truly

J. O. Keith[10]


[1] Aylmer Lot Keith, paternal first cousin of Ethan’s father Luke (see January 9th letter)

[2] Ethan’s sister, Hannah Keith

[3] His wife, Mary Ann (Batey) Keith

[4] Maria (Olds) Lusk

[5] Ethan’s sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[6] Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[7] Roselia James, Ethan’s second cousin

[8] Ethan’s half-brother, Henry Keith

[9] His son, Glenn Noah Keith

[10] James “Oscar” Keith; he and Ethan were first cousins

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