1890 Letters

January 9, 1890 letter to Ethan Keith from Aylmer Keith

January 9, 1890

To: Ethan Keith

From: Aylmer L. Keith, Omaha, NE

Aylmer thanks Ethan for sending him information on his line of the Keiths as well as the Lee family. Also gives Ethan some of the history of the Keith coat of arms.


219 S. Fifteenth St.
Boyd’s Opera House Block.
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Omaha, Neb Jany 9th 1890

Eathan B. Keith Esq.

Dear Cousin

Your record was duly recd & sent to Dr Keith. I recd answer thanking me for this batch of Keith news which assisted him to locate others & he gives some interesting strains[?] of Keith families. I am much obliged for your promptness. I will enclose some sheets with our Scotch Coat of Arms. I am now at Omaha. I go to Fairmont soon. I may return again. My son has charge of the business.

Truly yours

A. L. Keith[1]

Say to your father[2] I should be much pleased to hear from him as well as you when convenient. My regards to all & each[?] of the Keith family. Was obliged for the Lee[3] record.


History of Coat of Arms

Robert Keith first Great Marshall[4] of Scotland killed Danish General King Malcom 2d  —- to him for this Valorous act diped his finger in the blood of the Danish General & says to Robert “Veritas Vincit” “Truth Conquers”[5] meaning this “His motto” which was handed down to Roberts Son Robert Great Marshall then came Earl Marschialls Hereditarially to Geo 10th Earl having no children the title became extinct. His sister Mary Keith married Lord Elphinstone they had a son George Keith who was Admiral Lord Keith and whose daughter Lady Elphinstone resides in Scotland. My neice & Husband visited her 6 years since & she gave me photos of several of these notables with her fathers memoir. I think I gave you this before.


A. L. K.


[1] Aylmer Lot Keith, paternal first cousin of Ethan’s father Luke

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr., otherwise known as Luke

[3] The family of Ethan’s aunt (and Luke’s sister), Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee

[4] Great Marischal

[5] The Scottish Journal of Topography, Antiquities, Traditions, &c (1848)  records that Robert Keith killed Camus, the King of the Danes sometime during the 16th century; however another officer claimed he had been the one to kill Camus so King Malcolm directed the two men settle the dispute by single combat. When Keith “vanquished his adversary, the King dipped his three fingers in his blood, and passing them over the shield of Keith, exclaimed, “Veritas Vincit,” [meaning Truth Conquers] which bearing and motto continued to be the family arms until the extinction of the family.”

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