1889 Letters

March 16, 1889 letter to Ethan Keith from Charles J. Lee

March 16, 1889

To: Ethan Keith

From: Charles J. Lee, Melbourne, Australia

C.J. will be leaving for America on the next steamer on Tuesday. He has applied for patents for the Nutt-Lock in “the whole colonies.” He is sending Mr. Lowe’s letter. Mr. Lowe will act in C.J.’s stead while C.J. is in America.

Telephone No. 1304.                                             Cable Address – “ZYTHUM.”
THORNE & CO.                                                         C. J. LEE, MANAGER.

9 Universal Buildings,
16 Collins Street West.
Melbourne, March 16th 1889

Dear Cousin Ethan

The steamer leaves here next Tuesday for San Francisco. So I will pen you a few lines to let you know how I am getting on with the nut lock. I enclose you engravings of the lock same as I have sent to the patent office here. I have applied for the whole Colonies out here and have paid the fees on same 7 in all. The total cost is £122.0.0. Sterling or $610.00. Six Hundred and Ten Dollars, payable in advance. When these are granted I shall proceed to work and sell and I am sure it will be a great success. As the fees for patents are so high out here I am allowing the Coupler to remain over a little while also the chain. You may look for a grand success for your washer nut lock. It is just the thing for this work. The Railway Authorities have endorsed it and I am now getting 50 made full size for Railway Plate laying to give the lock a practical test. I will give you full particulars by next mail by the April or May boat (May I think). I shall leave here for San Francisco and will see you about end of June. I am coming on a flying business trip and will not have long to stay with you so have ready all things you wish to submit to me. I will wire Henry[1] on my arrival at San Francisco and let you know when to expect me at Kalamazoo. You had better if you can meet me there on arrival. By this mail you will receive a communication from Mr Lowe, a friend of mine. What ever you do in his matter send all forms and documents to me as your attorney and I will see you receive due reward for your labors. I wrote you two mails ago to be sure and secure patents in America for your nut lock. Now be sure and do this as it is a good thing and will bring you in a handsome sum of money. If you will send me Power of Attorney to act for you for Great Britton and Euroupe I will take out and pay for the patents same as here and also pay for and manage America and Canada for you. If you have not secured America and Canada already please do so at once and I will complete the patents when I come over. If you do not do this some one will jump your invention in that country. It is the best thing you ever made so dont for heaven sake and your own allow it to slip by.

With best wishes to you and all your people from us all. Trusting this will find you all well as it leaves us.

I beg to remain your sincere and wellwishing cousin

C.J. Lee

Good bye

P.S.      I should have mentioned that Mr Lowe who writes to you by this mail is associated with me in business and is taking an active part with me in introducing your nut lock and other inventions. He will act in my stead during my absence to America. Your Power of Attorney to me to act for Great Britton & Euroupe will receive same attension as though I were here. So answer all letters just the same as if I were not leaving here. The idea Mr Lowe conveys to you re cable for tram cars is something worth your consideration and attension.

Faithfully yours.

C. J. L.


[1] Ethan’s half-brother, Henry Keith

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