Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries for December 1884

Dec 1 – Jim and I went to Kal- to day. I called on Edna found her sick abed. Took Uncle D. C. Crawfords[169] letter down to her (it was a business letter). We are having quite pleasant weather.

Dec 2 – Worked at patterns. Clara Clark and her Mother Mrs Youngs visited here this P.M. I went to the Burg this evening. Jim went over with me. We called on Lois. Jim stays here to night.

Dec 3 – Worked at patterns. Ma visited the Taylor girls this P.M. Harry Streator was here this A.M. and got his cross cut saw filed. Dont feel very well to night.

Dec 4 – Worked at patterns. Went to the Burg this evening. Went to the rink. They gave a prize to the best lady skater. Miss Church of Augusta got it.

Dec 5 – Worked at patterns. Rained some is quite warm. Charley Towne and Charley Clark were both here a little while to day.

Dec 6 – Worked at patterns. Rained all day. Marenus Caywood brought Hannah home this evening.

X Dec 7 – Rained until this P.M. Wind has blown very hard all day. Wrote to Miss Rosa C. James. Jim was down home to day. Carried Hannah down to Mr Caywoods this P.M.

Dec 8 – Worked at patterns. Pa and Ma went to the Burg this P.M. Jim called on his way to the Burg this P.M.

Dec 9 – Worked at patterns. Went to the Burg this evening. Pa and I moved the kitchen stove nearer the west side of the room this P.M.

Dec 10 – Worked at patterns. Went down to Aunt Katies this P.M. after Hannah.

Dec 11 – Worked at patterns. Albert Fisher came and got Hannah this A.M. to go and sew for his folks. Went to the Burg this evening. Saw Lucelle Strait the first time that I have met him since he came from the east. We talked over the binder business some. Got a pin and earrings for Aunt Katie to make Adelphia[170] and Clara presents of.

Dec 12 – Worked at patterns. Pa and Ma went to the Burg this P.M. Pa extracted a tooth for Charley Clark.

Dec 13 – Worked at patterns. Went to the Burg this P.M. to see Lucelle Strait but did not see him. Went and saw Mr Knapps machine he has it about completed. Cleaned Loises clock this P.M. took tea with her. Pa and Ma went down to Aunt Katies. Jim got through working for Harry Streator to day.

Dec 14 – Jim is 22 years old to day. He has gone up to Mr Ogdens with Lizzie and Ella Allen this evening. Lucelle Strait came over and looked the binder patterns over. We talked binder business also.

X Dec 15 – Went over to see Lucelle Strait this A.M. about binder business. 8½ inches of snow on the ground this morning. Rec’d a letter from Florence and Henry. Wrote to Florence also to Henry and told him on what conditions I would let him have a 1/6 interest in the binder. Charley Clark is 25 years old to day.

Dec 16 – 10°. Worked at patterns. Charley Clark was down this P.M. and turned the lathe for Pa to turn some pump tops for Theodore. Jim has gone to the Rink to night. Will stay with Lois all night.

Dec 17 – 3°. Worked at patterns. Coldest day yet this winter. Charley Clark was down this A.M. took dinner with us. He and Jim went to the Burg. Jim has gone up to Put Milhams to see Jessie about going to the dance Friday night.

Dec 18 – 14° below. Worked at patterns. Jim and I went to the Burg this eving. I paid Hank three dollars for the Sci Amanian another year. Jim got the paper and lath off from overhead in Grandma’s bed room to day.

Dec 19 – 16º below. Worked at patterns. Jim and Jessie Milham have gone to the first club dance at the Rink this evening. Will Clark came out to day. Charley went to Kal after him.

Dec 20 – Worked at patterns. Jim and I went to the Burg this evening. Snowed quite hard this evening. Will Clark went back to Shelbyville this A.M.

Dec 21 – Jim went over and got Lois and Ina this morning. Pa took them home this evening. Hannah and I went up to Charleys and spent the evening. Mr Dewey brought Hannah home this A.M. from Scotts.

X Dec 22 – 3°. Worked at patterns. Commenced the large cog wheel on the binder this A.M. Wrote to J.F.T.

Dec 23 – Worked at patterns. Pa and Ma went to the Burg this A.M. Lela and Bessie came home with them. Hannah and I drove down to Mr Allertons this evening. She wanted to see Mrs A about sewing for her, then we took the children home. Lois and Ina went out to Ceresco to day.

Dec 24 – Worked at patterns turned the large cog wheel. Hannah and Jim have gone to the Cantata at the Methodist church this evening. Snowed I presume 10 inches last night and to day. Must be 20 inches of snow on the land.

Dec 25 – 1º. Christmas. Pa, Ma, Hannah, Jim and myself took dinner with Charley and Clara. I went over to the Burg this evening attended the Masquerade at the Peerless skating Rink. Was good. Jim and I put the carpet down in Grandma’s room this morning. Saw Lucelle Strait this evening said he had heard from his father and that he was satisfied with our bargain in regard to the binder.

Dec 26 – 22º below zero. Changed a sleigh shoe pattern for I. D. L. Schram[171] this P.M. Ma is 63 years old to day. I put the carpet down in the “little room” bedroom this evening.

Dec 27 – Made a little table for Edna Clark to day. Jim and Charley Clark went to the Burg this P.M. Rainy this P.M.

Dec 28 – Pa and Ma went down to Aunt Katies. Jim went to the Burg this evening. Hanks folks went to Mrs B-s to day called on their way home. Will and Lizzie took Stella Ogden[172] home. Ella Allen went over to Hanks to stay a few days. Rainy to day. Rained last night.

Dec 29 – Worked on patterns making coggs for the large gear wheel to the binder. Painted the little table that I made for Edna. Rainy. Snow is going fast.

Dec 30 – Worked a patterns, finished the coggs for the large gear wheel to the binder, 80 of them. Pa took “Peter” the pig over to the slaughter house and had him killed. Would weigh about 225 dressed I guess. Jim has gone over to the Rink to night. Rained all day, our 20 inches of snow is gone and it went with a rain and all settled into the ground.

Dec 31 – Worked at patterns a little while. Clara Clark has been down helping Ma to day. Jim went to Kal- to meet Lou and Dee but they did not come. Went to the Burg this evening. Another year is drawing to a close and no great change with me. I think my health is some better and my business prospects better than one year ago.


[169] His mother’s brother, David Caleb “D. C.” Crawford

[170] See footnote to September 26th entry

[171] Neighbor, Isaac D. L. Schram

[172] Estella Ogden, Lizzie (Ogden) Brown’s sister



“He who does the best his circumstances allow,
Does well, acts nobly. Angels could no more.”

“A beautiful life ends not in death.”

“The crown and glory of life is character.”

“The truest self respect is not to think of self.”

“It is not rank, nor birth, nor state,
But get up and get that makes men great.”

“The good is always beautiful,
The beautiful is good.”

Never change in anything but name.

Politeness is to do and say the kindest things in the kindest way.

“The richest treasure mortal times afford is spotless reputation.”

“Take time to deliberate but when the time for action arrives stop thinking “Nell.”

I have seen so many changes years felt
On earth I am a stranger grown
I wander in the ways of men
Alike unknowing and unknown.
(Uncle Jessie Turner)

Maltine with Phosphates

How to make Cheese Digestable Sci A.M.
No 10, March 8th 1884

C.P.R.P. Ferry Sci A.M.
Supplement No. 399

Jan 9, 12, 14, 21, 23, 31
Feb 24
March 17
April 16
June 10
July 7, 28
Aug 18
Sep 2, 3, 10
Nov 4, 18
Dec 2, 18

Edward Lyman
Constructive Engineer
New Haven Conn
Lyman’s Gear Chart.
Price 50 cts.

S. M. Skedling
Treatment for Constipation
Sci A.M. Supt 284

For worms on Currant Bush
Petroleum 30 parts, water 10 parts, soap 20 parts

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