Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries for October 1884

X Oct 1 – Worked at patterns for W. H. Knapp.[143] It has been a rather disagreeable day. Wrote to Chester Steel Casting Co. Philadelphia Pa. Old Mrs Schram died last night.[144]

Oct 2 – Worked at patterns for W. H. Knapp part of the day. Pa went to the Burg this A.M. After he came home he and Ma went down to aunt Katie.

Oct 3 – Worked at patterns for W. H. Knapp. Mrs Blake and her Mother and Mrs Brown have been here this P.M. Nancy has been here all day. I went and got her.

X Oct 4 – Worked at patterns for Knapp. Went to the Burg this evening. Lois and Dell came out with a load of goods to day. Hannah went to the Burg this P.M. Rec’d a letter from H. L. Keith.

Oct 5 – Charley Clark and I took a ride up by G.R.C. Adams[145] this P.M. Lois, Ina and Clara came down this P.M. Lois and Ina will stay all night. 12 years to night Hank and Nan were married.

X Oct 6 – Wrote to R. E. Strait, H. L. Keith and Munn[?] & Co. Cultivated some ground for strawberries just south of the orchard. Pa took Lois and Ina over to Nan’s this P.M. I worked at patterns this P.M. I took Hannah up to Byjolly Halls to sew this A.M.

Oct 7 – Worked at patterns for myself and Mr Knapp. Mr Knapp came over this A.M. to have me make him a small sprocket wheel. Ma went to the Burg this A.M. to stay with Lois at Hanks. Hank and Nan went to Chicago on the 11.15 A.M. train. Charley Clark dug potatoes for me in the garden this P.M., had 9 bu.

Oct 8 – Worked at Knapps and my patterns. Went to the Burg this evening. Rained last night so the air is quite cool to day. Allerton discharged Will Clark to day.

Oct 9 – Worked at patterns. Allerton came up this morning wants Will Clark to work for him again. Will went. Will Brown came up after a flail to threash his buckwheat. Wesley Keith has gone up to Mr Riddlers this eving. Hannah came home from Mrs Ralphs this eving. Will Brown brought Lela and Bess up to night.

Oct 10 – Worked at a pattern of a gate hanging for Wesley Keith. Went to the Burg this evening to hear J. C. Burrows speak on the tariff question, he spoke at the rink.

Oct 11 – Worked at patterns. Wesley Keith went down to Aunt Katies this A.M. rode down with Mr Earl. He is not coming back here. Went over to the rink this evening and saw two little boys from Charlotte skate. Mr David Bronsen died to day.[146]

X Oct 12 – Pa and Ma went down to Aunt Katies. Charley Clark and Clara were down this P.M. Wrote to Laura E. James.

Oct 13 – Worked at patterns. Mr David Bronsen was buried to day. Pa went to the funeral. Nancy came from Chicago she brought me a loaf of bread. Pa and Ma took Lela and Bess over home this P.M.

Oct 14 – Worked at patterns. Carried Hannah over to Nan’s. She is going to the rink to skate. Will stay at Hanks to night. Sarah Ettie Calkins[147] came to Hanks while I was there. Hank came home from Chicago last evening.

Oct 15 – Worked at patterns. Pa is 71 years old to day. Pa took Ma to the Burg this P.M. Brought Nan and Hannah back. I took Nan to Kal- to the 6.50 P.M. train and she went to Shelbyville. Jay is very sick. I got back from Kal- 10.15 P.M. Called at aunt Katie the baby was sick.[148]

Oct 16 – Worked at patterns. Charley and Herb Clark[149] was here this A.M. Pa took Hannah over to Hanks this evening she was going to the rink. I went after her. Pa brought Ma, Lela and Bessie home with him. Harry and Jim called a minute on their way to the Burg this eving.

Oct 17 – Worked at patterns. Went to the burg this evening. Hannah went with me. Hank rec’d a postal from Nan. She said Jay about the same.

Oct 18 – Worked at patterns. Hannah has gone to the rink with Harry Streator this evening. He is agoing to stop here when he comes back with her. Nan wrote to day that Jay is no better. Bessie is not very well.

Oct 19 – Hannah and I went down to Aunt Katies this P.M. Harvey Keith[150] and his Mother[151] was here to day. Hank Brown called here this A.M. on his way to his Mothers.

Oct 20 – Worked at patterns. Hannah went to the rink this P.M. and this evening went up to Ras Townes to sew. I went to the Burg this evening.

X Oct 21 – Worked at patterns. Nancy came from Shelby ville this P.M. Wrote to J. F. Tomlinson. Walked over to Mr Knapps this A.M. helping him on his machine.

Oct 22 – Worked at patterns. Hannah came from Ras Townes this evening. Ma went to the Burg and stayed at Nan’s until night. I went over to a Water Power meeting at the rink, there was $7,000 worth of stock taken.

X Oct 23 – Worked at patterns. Snowed last night and has snowed by spells all day. Clara and Edna visited here this P.M. Charley was here to tea. Wrote to R. E. Strait West Oneonta New York.

Oct 24 – Worked at patterns. Charley Clark and family went out to Athens to visit Clara’s cousin. Hannah is about sick with a hard cold.

Oct 25 – Gathered apples, pulled the beets and onions and Pa finished digging the potatoes to day. Went to the Burg this evening. Went to Lois’es the first I have been in her house. She stayed there last night for the first time. I put up her clock for her.

Oct 26 – Went down to Alvin Lee’s to day. It has rained all the afternoon. Jim and Will were here to day.

Oct 27 – Worked at patterns. Began the pattern of the flanged wheel for the knotter part of the binder. Four years ago to day, Mr Brown died.[152] Saw some views at Hanks.

Oct 28 – Worked at patterns. Pa went over and got Nan and the children this P.M. I took them home this evening. Will Clark rec’d a letter from S & O S & H of Shelby ville[153] wanting to know if he would clerk for them. Saw some views at Hanks that of Perry N.Y. and vicinity that old Mr Cooley let them take.

Oct 29 – Worked at patterns. Went over to the Water power Meeting this evening. They finished raising the am’t necessary to organize a company, $10,000. Will hold their first meeting to elect officers tomorrow evening. Ma took went to Shelby ville to day Pa took her to Kal-. Hannah came home from Fords this evening where she has been sewing.

Oct 30 – Worked at patterns. Took Hannah to the Burg so she could go to the rink, went after her this evening. Jim has gone after a girl to go to the rink with him had Harrys horse and carriage. Jim took Mary Milham to the rink.

Oct 31 – Worked at patterns. Will Clark quit working for Mr Allerton yesterday. He is agoing to to clerking for Schroder and Harris at Shelby ville.


[143] Neighbor, William H. Knapp

[144] Michigan death records reveal that Mary (Lester) Schram died September 30, 1884 in Comstock and shows she is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[145] Neighbor, George R. C. Adams

[146] Michigan death records show that David S. Bronson died in Comstock, Michigan on October 11, 1884 and shows he is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[147] Sarahetta (Calkins) Tipton was Matilda (Allen) Brown’s niece

[148] Lavinia Lucy Milham, the baby daughter of Lucy (Lee) Milham. According to Lucy’s obituary, her mother, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee, had the responsibility of raising the children: “the aged mother of the deceased, who having filled a full rounded life of labor and usefulness, at three score and ten finds new reasons for perennial youth to complete the task prematurely layed down by her daughter.”

[149] Charley Clark’s first cousin, Herbert Loren Clark

[150] His cousin, Harvey R. Keith

[151] Mary Ann (Batey) Keith

[152] Ambrose Brown, Matilda Brown’s husband, and Hank and Will Brown’s father

[153] Schroder & Harris, a general store of which D. D. Harris (Louese Keith’s husband) was part owner

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