Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries of September 1-9, 1884

Sep 1 – Up at 4.40 A.M. took Laura & Rosa’s trunk over to the Station and then took them over. They left on the 7.03 train for Albion and from there to Jonesville to visit the cousins out in Hillsdale Co. Turned a Stand top for Earl. He and Charley Clark were here all day turning.

Sep 2 – Draughted. Went down to Mrs Browns this A.M. after some apples. Met Hank and Mr Threasher when I came home, the first time I ever saw him. Jim went after the Dr this P.M. for Mr Streator he was taken sick this morning.

Sep 3 – Draughted. We are haveing very warm dry weather.

Sep 4 – Draughted. Went to the Burg this evening after Ma. Ma visited at Mrs Barbers this P.M. Jim and Fred Franklin went up to [129] this evening.

Sep 5 – Draughted. Warm and dry mercury in the ,90, nineties.

X Sep 6 – Draughted this A.M. Turned a stand top for Will Clark this P.M. Went to the Burg this evening. Received a letter from Laura and Rosa James.

Sep 7 – Hot as one needs for comfort. Charley and Clara came down this evening. Jim went to church this A.M. and evening. Charley and Will went over west this A.M.

Sep 8 – 100º. Finished Drafting for my binder. Commenced making patterns this P.M. Will Clark began cutting cutt our corn to day. Two years ago to day I went to a Grove Meeting at Schoolcraft.[129]

X Sep 9 – 101. Worked at patterns. Wrote to Laura and Rosa James. Uncle Martin Turner[130] was here this A.M. Pa and Ma have gone down to Aunt Katies this P.M. to see how Lucy is.


[129] Scotts, Michigan

[130] See footnote to August 6th entry

[131] Martin Turner was actually his first cousin once removed but was probably referred to as Uncle because of an age difference of 47 years

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