Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries for July 1884

X Jul 1 – Wrote to Henry. Hank Brown is 34 years old to day. Clara and Edna[106] was down this P.M. took tea with us. Pa and I ground a m____y machine knife for Mr Randall. Jessie stays with Clara to night.

Jul 2 – Turned out a pump bucket for Theodore. Ma and Jessie visited at Nancys. Nan is having a real time with her teeth. Went and got Jessie with Theodores horse and buggy from Charley Clarks.

Jul 3 – Lou is 23 years old to day. Studied on a binder some to day. Went to the Burg this evening. Saw Ike Odell[107] he is on the G.T.R.R.

X Jul 4 – Wrote to Miss H. M. Comfort.[108] At home all day went to the Burg this evening. Jim and Will went to Gull Lake.

Jul 5 – Pa and Ma went down to Aunt Katies to day. Nancy and the children went down to Mrs B-s. Lois came and stayed with me.

X Jul 6 – Went up to Charleys with Lois this A.M. Charley and Clara came back with Lois this P.M. Will has gone to Russells from there to Kal to church. Wrote to Hannah.

Jul 7 – Plowed out the garden this A.M. Went to the Burg this evening.

Jul 8 – Drafted some for the binder. Charley Towne is cutting the wheat across from our house.

Jul 9 – Nancy is 32 years old to day. Hoed in the garden some this A.M. Charley Towne began cutting wheat in our east lot. I cut once around with the Royce. Ma visited over to Nan’s this P.M.

Jul 10 – I went down to Mrs Browns and picked cherries to day. Picked 35 qts. Charley Towne finished cutting our wheat to day. Will Brown cut our clover for us to day. I raked some of it up after I got home. R. E. Strait[109] and Dexa started for Oneonta N.Y. this morning.

Jul 11 – Charley Clark helped Pa and I draw the hay had three loads. Picked some peas for Clara Clark.

X Jul 12 – Draughted some to day. Have not felt very well. Went to the burg this evening. Mankins Palace Show at the Burg this evening. Jay Barton took Paris green this evening but took too much so the Dr may save him.[110] Rec’d a letter from Hannah. Will Clark cut his wheat to day.

Jul 13 – Jessie went over to Hanks with Will Clark this A.M. She went to church with Hank and Nancy. I went to the Burg with Jim this P.M. stayed until after church and came home with Will and Jim.

Jul 14 – Draughted for my binder. Pa and Ma went to the Burg this P.M. Ma stayed and Pa went after her this evening. Whitney Family was at the Burg with their show. I went this evening.

Jul 15 – Made a pattern of a wheel for the twine holder and cast it this P.M. Jessie came from Hanks this P.M. Rained a little. Jim called on his way to the Burg this evening. He was going to see about his getting into the band.

Jul 16 – Draughted to day. Went to the Burg this evening. Gregorys Circus was there. Hank and I went he paid my gave me a “comp”. Lois bought Geo Adams place on Grove St. Consideration $475.

Jul 17 – Jessie went out to Lois to day. I took her to Kal. We went to Edna’s but she was not at home. Called at Aunt Katies. Lucy is not as well.

Jul 18 – Draughted some. Pa went to the Burg with a letter for Hannah. Ma visited at Claras Clarks. I went after her this evening. I took Clara on riding up by Uncle Ike Clarks.

Jul 19 – Draughted this P.M. Helped Charley Towne draw wheat from the east lot this A.M. Went to the Burg this evening. Jim has joined the G.C.B.[111] plays Bb Bass.

X Jul 20 – Wrote to M. F. Lee. Pa and Ma went down to Aunt Katies. Lois, Charley, Clara and Edna came down this P.M. Lois will stay here to night. Hank, Nan, Mrs Brown and the children went up to Mr Armes.[112] Will Clark has gone to see “Hettie”.

Jul 21 – Draughted. Mr Knapp came over this P.M. with a pattern for me to change. Pa took Lois over to Hanks this morning.

Jul 22 – Draughted. Pa took Ma over to Hanks to have a negative made of herself. She stayed all day. Mr Knapp came over this p.m.

Jul 23 – Draughted a little. Rained last night it had got to be real dry. Charley Smith came out and got Lois for Luke Smiths folks.

Jul 24 – Draughted some. Went to the Burg this P.M. evening. Mr Knapp wants me to make him a pattern. Charley Towne began cutting oats in our west lot this P.M.

Jul 25 – Will Clark and I went up to Mr Flanders this A.M. and picked cherries. Mrs Hoag[113] visited here to day. Went to the Burg this P.M. called at Mr Knapps and got a casting to make a pattern from.

X Jul 26 – Made a pattern for Mr Knapp. Will Clark and I went to the burg this evening. I rode home with Herb Earl in their boat. Hank and Nan started for Toledo this A.M. Pa went and got the children. Hank was going from Toledo to Cincinnati Monday to attend the Photographers Convention. Jim went to Shelbyville to day. Rec’d a letter from Miss H. M. Comfort Logan Iowa.[114]

Jul 27 – Went up to Charley Clarks and took dinner with them. Will Clark, Lela and Bessie also. We went and took a boat ride. Charley Clark and I went down to Aunt Katies this P.M. Lucy is not as well.

Jul 28 – Draughted some. Worked in the garden awhile to day. Nancy came from Toledo to day. Came over after the children and took tea with us. Jim came from Lou’s to day. Jessie came as far as Kal with him. Charley Clark was down this P.M. we talked “boat” some.

X Jul 29 – Draughted. C. Towne drew the oats this P.M. Will Johnson threashed for Will Clark and Mr Randall to day. His machine is here to night, will threash here tomorrow. Jim and I went to the Burg this evening. Rec’d a letter from Hannah.

X Jul 30 – Threashed to day had 138 bushels of wheat and 92 of oats. Pa and I got the loose straw and chaff in the barn this P.M. Methodist picnic at Gull Lake to day. Will Clark went with Mate Ford.[115] Wrote to Hannah.

X Jul 31 – Draughted some this P.M. Helped P clean up some wheat this A.M. Wrote to Hannah.


[106] Clara’s daughter, Edna Clark, who was almost 3 years old

[107] Neighbor, Isaac Odell Jr.

[108] Believe this to be Ethan’s cousin, Hannah Marie Comfort. Hannah was the niece of Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[109] Neighbor, Ransom E. Strait; Dexa was his daughter

[110] Luke Keith noted in his diary on August 22nd that Jay Barton died

[111] Galesburg Cornet Band. It was organized August 4, 1870 and Ethan was an original member, playing the 2nd E-flat cornet

[112] Assume this to be Arthur Arms, who was the widower of Cynthia (Brown) Arms, the sister of Ambrose Brown (Matilda [Allen] Brown’s late husband)

[113] Neighbor, Sarah Jane (Mason) Hoag

[114] Hannah (see footnote of July 4th entry) lived in Ontario, Canada and was most likely visiting her brother, Dr. Francis Comfort, who lived in Logan, Iowa

[115] Neighbor, Mary Ann “Mate” (Thompson) Ford

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