Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries of April 21-30, 1884

Apr 21 – Strong north east wind. The Lake is real rough. Went down to the Park and Lake shore this A.M. Went over to Kit Birklands this evening, did not stay but a little while for she was going away.

X Apr 22 – Aunt Kate and I went to see the Dr this A.M. We went to the Foundlings Home, took dinner at Woodmans. Received a letter from Ma. Aunt Kate went to the Temperance meeting this evin’g. Uncle Hi went down to Mr Weinbergs this evening.

Apr 23 – Harry and I went out to the Stock Yards, went into a large slaughter House. We went to the L.S.& M.S.R.R.[70] Round House. Mrs Taylor sewed for Aunt Kate to day.

Apr 24 – Went over to the Dr’s this P.M. Bought me a pair of shoes, pr Calipers, pr Cutting Pliers, pr Round Pliers and a 2 ft pocket Rule. I attended a Sugar Social at Rev Taylors. I sugared off[71] for them. Was over a hundred there.

Apr 25 – Warm and pleasant. Kate washed to day for the last time at 803. Harry, Will Hough, Max and I went over to the Bobling Mills this P.M. It was quite a sight to me. Uncle Stephen Comfort[72] came to Uncle Hirams this P.M.

Apr 26 – Aunt Kate and I went to see the Dr. Took dinner at Woodmans then went down to Uncle Pross. Pross made three extra trips this P.M. Uncle Stephen went over on the west side with us, left us at Lincoln St, he went to see his daughter.

Apr 27 – A man and his wife from Oskosh came to see Aunt Bell[73] today. It has been very windy to day.

Apr 28 – Came back to Uncle P Hirams this A.M. I pulled tacks out of the carpets this P.M.

Apr 29 – Aunt Kate and I went to see the Dr. I took dinner at Woodmans. Went down to the Central Depot. Called at Uncle Hirams office 444 Clark St. Took supper with Uncle Hi.

Apr 30 – Aunt Kate, Harry, a man from the barn and I packed goods to day. I went over to Kits this evin’g. Uncle Hi went down town this evening to see that Uncle Stephen was all right at the Hotel.


[70] Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway

[71] To complete the process of boiling down the syrup in making maple sugar until it is thick enough to crystallize

[72] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts’ brother

[73] Pros Crawford’s wife, Isabella (Steele) Crawford

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