Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries of April 16-20, 1884

X Apr 16 – Wrote to Hannah. Mrs Taylor helped Aunt Kate sew this A.M. Aunt Kate is sick to night. I bought a box of Browns Bronchial Troches.

X Apr 17 – Wrote to Lou. Went to see the Dr this P.M. Went out to Central Park on Madison St. Uncle Hi went over to Kits to see if Uncle Robert had got back from Mich. Aunt Kate went to temperance meeting.

X Apr 18 – Wrote to C. I. Clark. Uncle Rob’t Crawford and Kit came over this morning. They went away about 10 oclock. They went and took Aunt Kate to the Dr’s and then went to the Depot. Uncle Rob’t left for home. Uncle Hi, Aunt Kate and I went to see the “Battle of Gettysburg.” It was grand. Took supper at Thompsens. Went up to the May Festival Rehersal a little while.

Apr 19 – Harry, Will Hough and I went down to the water works this P.M. Went up the tower 11 steps up into the tower 235 from there up to top of tower. Had a grand view of the Lake and North part of the city. I went down to a museum of Anatomy.

Apr 20 – Rained and snowed all day. I went over to the Dr’s this P.M. Aunt Kate has been sick all day. Uncle Hi went down to Mr Wienbergs this eving. Mrs Hough was in a little while this evening.

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