Ethan's 1884 Diary

Ethan Keith’s diary entries of April 6-13, 1884

Apr 6 – Uncle Hi went down to the office this P.M. Aunt Kate and the children to Sunday School. Uncle Hi and I went over to see Kit Birkland[67] this evening, the first that I have been there.

Apr 7 – Went over on Clyburn Ave[68] this P.M. Went to the Deering Harvester Works. Snowed quite hard about noon.

X Apr 8 – Wrote to Ma. About two inches of snow on the ground this morning. Went to see the Dr to day. Went to a Lecture at the Mission with Aunt Kate this evening. Uncle Robt Crawford[69] came to Kits this A.M. Uncle Hi went over and visited him this evening.

X Apr 9 – Received a letter from Nancy. Went down town for Aunt Kate this P.M. to get a piece of music “Sweet Violets.”

X Apr 10 – Went to the Dr’s this P.M. Wrote to Lois this A.M. Uncle Hi, Aunt Kate, Harry and Jessie went to a social this evening.

X Apr 11 – Wrote to J.F.T. Rec’d a letter from Lou this A.M. Aunt Kate and Uncle Hi have gone to a funeral at Elgin. Uncle Hi went to the Lodge this eving.

Apr 12 – Aunt Kate and I went to see the Dr. Two years ago to day Lou and Dee was married.

Apr 13 – Uncle Hi and I went to church this A.M. All went to church this evening but Blanch and I. Two months ago to day I came here.


[67] Katherine Sarah “Kit” (Crawford) Birkland, daughter of Robert Crawford (see footnote to April 8th entry)

[68] Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

[69] His mother Sarah’s brother

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