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May 20, 1883 letter to Nancy Betts from Eugene Crawford

May 20, 1883

To: Nancy Betts

From: Eugene Crawford, White Pine, CO

Written on Crawford House stationery, showing E. L. Crawford as the proprietor. Eugene is writing his grandmother and enclosing $2.00. He would have sent more, but couldn’t because he didn’t expect to realize anything from his mine until the fall. His wife, Minnie, is tired of living in Colorado and he hopes to send her back in the fall. He will come also if possible. He sends news that D.C. has a new baby daughter.

White Pine, Colorado, May 20 1883

Dear Mother[1]

Your letter received and we were glad to hear from you. I was glad you sent Mothers & Fathers[2] ages. I know Dear Mother you have a hard time of it, and I wish I was able to give you all the money you could use and if I get half what I expect to out of my mine, we will all have just what we want. But I dont expect to realize any thing before next fall. Minnis[3] heath is pretty good but she is geting tired of living here and wants to get back and I dont blame her. I will try and let her go east this fall, even if I cant go myself. But am in hopes I will be able to go to. I suppose you have heard before this, that they have another little girl[4] at D.C’s.[5] To day has been very pleasant. The first day I think for the past two months that it hasent snowed and the snow is about three feet deep on the mountains. Ofcourse right here in the streets it has all melted off. I send you two dollars.[6] It is not much, but will help you out a little. Minnie joines me in love to you and all the rest of our folks. I am as ever your son.

Eugene Leslie Crawford


[1] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts, who was actually his grandmother. From various letters it appears that Eugene lived with Nancy after his mother died and while his father was working

[2] Edwin & Louisa (Hall) Crawford; it appears that Louisa died within a few years after Eugene’s birth (1850), as by 1860 Edwin had married Mary Hamilton. Edwin died when Eugene was 16

[3] Minnie (Crooks) Crawford, Eugene’s wife

[4] Mary Harrison “Mamie” Crawford was born May 14, 1883

[5] David Caleb Crawford, Eugene’s uncle

[6] This is the equivalent of about $50.00 in 2019 dollars

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