1882 Letters

November 18, 1882 letter to Hannah Keith from Carrie Plank

November 18, 1882 

To: Hannah Keith 

From: Carrie Wiseman

The crops were very good; her husband thinks he picked 1,000 bushels of corn. She and her mother have been busy canning and drying peaches and canning preserves, jelly and pickles as well as peaches and apples. Writes of her sister Ella’s family and asks for updates on various friends.

Springhill Kansas Nov 18 1882

My dear Friend Hannah

I recived your welcome letter some three weeks a go but was not at Home when it came at hand. I was glad to hare frome you agane. Sorry to here of Nancy[1] ill health hope she is better now. I have a very bad cold so it makes me all most sick. My Husband[2] is not feeling very well ether. He has got his Corn all pick. He thinks he has got about One Thousand Bushels. It is verry nice Corn. It keep me a bobing in geting the meals. You bet I was glad when he got through picking Corn. We have had verry Plesant wether this fall. We had quite a snow storm the other day but it did not last long. It left us quite muddy but the mud dryes verry fast here. We have not had much Rane here this summer. We had a plenty of it in the spring so it made it nice for the farmers. The Crops this year was good here. Pa[3] is picking his Corn. He has got about half through picking. Ma[4] is a cuting Raggs so you see we are all bisey. Kans had lots of Peaches this fall. Ma had some verry nice yellow peaches in there Orchard. She cand them and she has dride some. I have dride ten Pounds of Peaches and cand 30[5] three quarts and put up 30 Pounds of perserves and fore cands of jelly and two gallens crocks fool of Peaches Pickels and a crock of Peares Preserves. Did you have anny apples this fall. Quite a good maney Apples raised in Kansas this year. Ella[6] is a going to send us two Barrels of winter apples this fall. Sh sent us sack of fall apples large as your double fist. They was just as nice as they could be. Ma cand them and sent some Pa___s to. They have got a nice place to rase fruite. They had lots of fruite this year of all kindes. It kept her verry busy in taking care of it. She was out her and her little famley this Summer and stade six weeks with us. Her helth was very poor when she came out. She look very bad, she cough very hard fore she went back her Cough stop and she improved very fast. When she went back she felt pretty well. We recived a letter from her a few days ag. They were all well. They Baby name is Katey Lotch.[7] She said she had got her drest in short chose and shoes and stockens. Her eyes are Blue yet and as fat as a pig. The three oldest have got Black Eyes. One next to the Baby her name is Nella Eneva.[8] She is very Cute and Resalut and verry fat. Carrie and Lotte[9] goes to school and they learning verry fast. We think they are nice Children. I will write to them and tell her about geting those pictures for you. I am glad that she lives so clost by you. We herd that Carrie Home Maried Ambrose Feels.[10] We herd he ded.[11] What Hodges did she Marry.[12] We herd that Emma Deeken[13] Marry a Man by the name of Smith. What Smith is it. We think it is one of Emma Brothers. We would like to no who did Mr Butterfeel Marry.[14]

What is Mrs Byers Minister name. Whre is he from and whre is her Children. Did you have a good visit out to Grand Rapids & Remember Mr Planks Popple.[15] Is Beck Rebeca alive yet.[16] I have got me a new singer sewing mechine. It does your work. It coss 50 Dollars. I expect you have a grate deal of sewing to do. It does me lots of good to hear from you.

Now Hannah tell me all about the Burg[17] and the folks in it. We are a geng to have a nother Christmas tree hear agane this winter. I wish you was here to attend with us. I gest I have rote you all the news. Ma wants to write to you ma.[18] I will close. Hope to here from you soon.

Love to all so good by from your friend Carrie


[1] Hannah’s sister, Nancy (Keith) Brown

[2] Research continues

[3] Joseph Wiseman

[4] Caroline (Williams) Wiseman

[5] Looks like a E0, so not sure if it is 30 or 80 or something else entirely different

[6] Her sister, Sarah Ella (Wiseman) McCoy

[7] Catharine Loche McCoy, who was born May 1882

[8] Nellie Eneva McCoy

[9] Carrie and Lottie McCoy, the two oldest girls

[10] Hannah’s neighbor, Carrie Holmes, married Ambrose Field in Galesburg, Michigan, on November 18, 1873

[11] From Charles Luke Keith’s diary: Oct 13, 1874: Ambrose Fields brot in on cars to night. He Died in Ohio. FindAGrave.com shows he is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[12] Michigan marriage records show Carrie married Charles Edward Hodges on November 19, 1880

[13] Emily “Emma” Butterfield was the widow of Stephen Daken, who died June 17, 1878. She then married Henry W. Smith on March 24, 1881 in Galesburg, Michigan

[14] Believe she is referring to Emma’s father, Zimri Butterfield, who married Mary Lucinda Joy on February 7, 1882 in Springport, Michigan

[15] William & Harriet (Groat) Plank, and their children, William, Rebecca, Mary & Carrie, had been neighbors in Comstock until they moved to Grand Rapids in 1873; William died in May 22, 1879

[16] Rebecca Plank died August 22, 1878

[17] Galesburg, Michigan, where Hannah lived

[18] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

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