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September 17, 1882 letter to Hannah Keith from Mary Plank

September 17, 1882

To: Hannah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Mary Plank, Grand Rapids, MI

Did not write sooner as she and her sister had had the measles and then after they recovered they went to Anoka, Minnesota, to visit family members. Carrie is teaching and she works at the Shirt Factory. Wants Hannah and Ethan to come out and visit them.

Grand Rapids Sept 17 1882

Dear Friend Hannah

It has been a long time since I received your letter and should have answered it before this if I had have been at home. Carrie[1] and I have been west a visiting this summer. We both had the measles in June and did not feel well after we got over them, and so after Carries School[2] let out we thought that we would go north and see if we would not feel better. We started for Anoka[3] the 27th day of July and got home the last day of August. We were gone just five weeks and had a splendid time. I gained twelve pounds and Carrie ten and we came home feeling splendid. We went by the way of Chicago and came back by Lake Michigan. One of our neighbors went out with us and another one came back with us so you see that we had company both ways. The Lake was very rough the day we crossed and we were all sick so that we did not enjoy it very much. The boat was furnished elegantly. It is a new boat, the name of it is The City of Milwaukee. We surprised our Relatives. They did not know that we were coming. They hardly knew us. There were four families to visit, Uncle Lewises,[4] Uncle James,[5] and one of his sons is married and housekeeping, and Anna[6] also. Anna has a pretty little girl[7] four years old. We have not seen Anna before since they left Kalamazoo but the rest of the family have been at the Rapids since we have been here. Anna has got a splendid Husband.[8] He is just as good and kind to her as he can be. Her health is not very good. They want us to come out next summer and stay longer but guess that we will wait until they come and see us. Carrie is a teaching and I am at the Shirt Factory yet. We have two young men a boarding with us now. They have been here a week and seem like very nice young men. Mary Allerton[9] came here the Monday before we went away and stayed a day after we left. We did not like to go and leave her and she said that she would not stay any longer and we had our visit all planned and was all ready and so we went. The County Fair is here the last week of this month and I want you and Ethan[10] to be sure and come out here and make us a visit. Write and tell me what train you will be here on and I will meet you at the Depot. Now do not disappoint me for I want to see you both very much. Carrie says tell Jim[11] that she will send him her picture before long. We are having beautiful fall weather but it is very dusty at present. I shall have to bring this to a close as my sheet is full and tell you the rest when I see you. Write and tell me when you will be here. Give my regards to all of my friends.

From your Friend Mary


[1] Her sister, Caroline Plank

[2] Carrie was a teacher

[3] Minnesota

[4] Lewis & Ann (Groat) Plank

[5] Research continues as to the identity of James

[6] Anna (Plank) Coleman, the daughter of Lewis & Ann (Groat) Plank

[7] Florence Coleman

[8] Dana Stowell Coleman

[9] Mary Allerton was the daughter of John & Caroline (Rapelje) Allerton. The Keiths, Planks and Allertons had all been neighbors in Comstock, Michigan, and Mary would become the wife of Addison Irving Plank, who was the son of Lewis & Ann (Groat) Plank

[10] Hannah’s older brother, Ethan Keith

[11] Hannah’s younger brother, James Clinton Keith

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