1882 Letters

July 9, 1882 letter to Hannah Keith from D.D. Harris

July 9, 1882

To: Hannah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: D.D. Harris, Phoenix, MI

D.D. was answering the letter that Hannah had written two months ago and included a diagram of the rooms where they were living.

Phoenix   July 9/82

Sister Hannah

A thought struck me to day that there was a letter received from you about two months ago though guess Lou[1] answered her part, yet there were some questions asked that I would like to answer myself.

Now about Lou’s blowing the light out – she can blow it out and get in bed in the dark as well as any one, and she does not make any bones about getting behind the foot board to undress in fact the side of the bed seems to answer as well as any other place. You may rest assured she got over several notions she had about what she would and would not do, but we are having a splendid time, have been keeping house two weeks to-morrow.[2] Will give g you a drawing of the rooms. They are immense for in papering it was all I could do to hold the roll of paper at the top of the room and hold the other end at the base board in measuring the strips – have papered only one room yet are going to take a rest before going at the other.

[drawing of rooms]

Dont want any fun poked at this drawing. The only trouble it is its being a little over-drawn but all exact as it is. Lou has knocked this house endways as you can see by the alterations – Lou says she will give you a drawing of the chamber when she writes to you but I think she uses it enough every night without making a drawing of it.

Well I will have to close this time. Write soon as you can and I’ll do the same.

As ever

Your Brother


P.S.#1 Tell someone to write to Lou or she will go off the handle.[3]


P.S.#2 Better make up your mind to come up here by the 15th of Jan next or before.



[1] Louese (Keith) Harris, his wife, and Hannah’s sister

[2] They were married on April 12, 1882

[3] D.D.’s family owned a grocery store in Copper Harbor, Michigan and on April 18, D.D. and Louese left Michigan to move up there to run the store; however, they moved back to Galesburg in the fall of 1882 as Louese cried all the time because she was so lonesome

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