1882 Letters

May 8, 1882 postcard to Sarah Keith from Cyrus Streator

May 8, 1882

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: C. H. Streator, Waverly, MI

Is requesting that Sarah send more of the Olive Branch series to Alfleda.


Mrs Keith

In beha of aunt Fleda Keith[1] she is at our house at this tim. You sent her one number of the Olive Branch. She would like more of the same series. Direct to Paw Paw in care of Jeferson Chafie.[2]

C. H. Streator[3]


[1] Alfleda (Starr) Keith was the widow of Harvey Keith who was the brother of Sarah (Crawford) Keith’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[2] Alfleda’s son-in-law, Thomas Jefferson Chaffee Jr.

[3] Believe this to be Cyrus H. Streator, but do not know the relationship him and Alfleda

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