1881 Letters

March 2, 1881 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

March 2, 1881

To: Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford, Jr., Chicago, IL

Hiram is sending a brief note along with $9.00. They are all well although Prosper and Belle are “complaining some.” They have just hired a new girl after the previous one departed following a disagreement with his wife, Kate. He is hoping that the new girl will work out, but the breakfast she served that morning would “sicken a dog.” Finally, he wants Sarah to tell her daughter, Lou, that Lill and John were married the previous evening.


Dear Sister

All are well. LP[1] & Bell[2] are complaining some. About six months ago Kate[3] and her girl had a little matinee[?] and since then we have been doing the work ourselves until yesterday when we secured a _____. I am in hopes she will improve. The breakfast she served up this morning would sicken a dog. A good girl is about the scarcest institution in this city.

Tell Lou,[4] that Lill & John were married[5] last Evening in the Church, big audience, everything went off very nicely. Her friends in the Society chipped in and made her a present of four Silver pieces Sugar Bowl Cream Pitcher Spoon holder & Butter dish.

Enclosed please find nine (9) doll[ars] with love.

Affectionately Your Brother

H Crawford


[1] Lucius Prosper Crawford, their younger brother

[2] Isabella (Steele) Crawford, Prosper’s wife

[3] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[4] Louese Jerusha Keith, Sarah’s youngest daughter, who had lived with Hiram & Kate during several school seasons while attending school in Chicago

[5] A letter from Louese to her sister Hannah dated August 24, 1878 mentioned “when Misses Jessie & Lillie Murphy, John Perry & Walter Pritkin came.” A search of the Cook County, Illinois marriage records show that a John Perry and Lillian Murphy were married on March 1, 1881, so presume these are the people mentioned in Hiram’s letter


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