1880 Letters

April 18, 1880 letter to Adaline Harris from Lucena Brockway

April 18, 1880

To: Adaline Harris

 From: Lucena Brockway, Phoenix, MI

A lot of news about family and friends.

Phoenix P.O. Mich April 18th 1880

My Dear Sister Addie[1]

Your long looked for letter came thursday and I was very glad to get it too for I was afraid you were sick or cleaning house or something that hindered you from writing. Or perhaps that man had come along again, tempting you with his wealth[2] – But to tell the truth, that was the least of my troubles. I was glad to get it any way and I said at the dinner table It seems as though I should get a letter from Aunt Addie to day. And when our man came, Annie[3] took out the mail for the house, and sent the rest to the store[4] said no letter for me & I felt disappointed, but two hours after, Albert[5] came and fetched one from you to him, and mine, which Annie[?] had overlooked. I found you were not sick, so I felt thankful. I wrote to Nabby[6] the 2nd and received one from her the 10th the day she got to Galesburgh.[7] Don’t know whether she got my letter or not before she left. Am sorry Jennie is sick. It seems as though Nabbys mission on earth was to take care of her children, go from one to the other and by the time one gets better another is sick. I only hope her strength may hold out to the end. While I think of it, I had a letter from Morris March written Feb 15th (I forgot to mention it in my last letter). He said when I wrote home please send my love to all our friends & Mrs Joy not forgetting Cousin Daniels widow. His wife is in better health than she has been before in three years. Does her own work with a little help about the lifting. Aunt Cynthia Joy was mistaken about her being dead. Then again I beged a Photo from Sophie for you. She paid five dollars per dozen taken by a Mr Childs who has got his name up and so he charges a great price. Now tell me if you know who she is before you read and find out. Why has Mary Jane moved away and tell me her Post office address when you write again. Scott got home this afternoon, and has told us what a good time he had with you, and all around where he went. Seems in the best of spirits & is all right except is pretty tired. The roads are very bad now from LaCross to Houghton; are worse than this side. We are now having our break up. This evening we had a thunder shower which will take of the snow a great deal though the hills are bare, and a good deal of bare ground. Still there is a good deal of yet snow yet. We have had an unusual amount of cold and snow this winter – and for six weeks some of us have been under the weather until the past week we have been better. I wrote it all to Nabby so you can ask her & she will tell you and I wont have to write it over. It is now most 11 Oclock and all are in bed, and Sophie will sleep with me to night. Dunbar slept with me last night. I have to pick up a bed fellow where ever I can now-days. I wish you would come up this summer, why can’t you. Scott says you said you would try to come. Now do not forget it, will you? Where there is a will there is a way. Good night.

Monday 11 Oclock a.m. I have been over casting cloth to whiten to make night shirts for D.D.B.[8] and Albert. I have so much sewing to do. I have got me three unbleached night dresses night made late in the fall, now I have made three bleached ones and trimmed them. This is all I have done for myself. Live in hopes to get more done sometime. I must take care of the rest first. Do come up. It may be the last chance for you to come here to see us. Lou & Millie Perry are coming down for two months vacation. Annie says Sate Van is talking of coming too, now is your time. You did not tell me how many eggs your hens layed. I shall get tired waiting if you do not tell me this time. I kept account of mine from new years up to Sept. 8 months and Daniel thought yours layed as many again as ours. Now I want to know. Write it down soon as you get this, then I will tell you of mine. If mine is beatten half I want to know it before I tell you. I asked you before but you forgot it, I presume. Tell DD to tell me if you have not the time now. Charlotte folks[9] are now usually well and so are Delias.[10] Does it not seem funny to think Will Whiting is married. What is he doing now. Where is George Whiting. How long is Nabby going to stay in Galesburgh. Tell her to write to me and tell me all about the sick ones and all the news. The snow went off terribly last night and to day. Kiss Cora[11] for Auntie and give my love to all the friends and believe me your loving sister.

Lucena Brockway


[1] Her sister-in-law, Adaline (Ralph) Harris, who was the widow of Lucena’s brother, Daniel D. Harris

[2] Since Addie’s husband had died April 23, 1875, it appears she had an unwelcome suitor

[3] Her daughter, Anna Brockway

[4] They had a grocery store

[5] Her son, Albert Alonzo Brockway

[6] Her sister, Abigail (Harris) Bristol

[7] Galesburg, Michigan

[8] Believe she is referring to her husband, Daniel Dunbar Brockway

[9] Her daughter, Charlotte (Brockway) Farwell

[10] Her daughter, Delia (Brockway) Perry

[11] Cora Belle Harris, the daughter of Daniel & Adaline (Ralph) Harris

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