1878 Letters

July 25, 1878 letter to Luke Keith from Marion Tomlinson

July 25, 1878

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Marion Tomlinson, Laingsburg, MI

Marion was visiting her uncle in Laingsburg, Michigan, and will be starting for home soon.

Laingsburg,[1] July 25,/78

Am just ready to start for home, intended to go Tuesday but did not feel well, and did not want to encounter that great show at Jackson yesterday. All well as usual here now. Uncle Paul[2] is much better than I expected to see him. Heard from Lucy Saturday. Winnie was some better. Geo[3] writes that Mother[4] is getting tired out and they must have a girl, a polite invitation for me to go home. Wheat[?] most all out in this vicinity and the greater part secured.

M. S. T.[5]


[1] Laingsburg is about 90 miles northeast of Comstock

[2] Her father’s brother, Paul Carpenter Sprague

[3] Her husband, George Tomlinson

[4] Her mother (and Luke’s sister), Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[5] Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

2 thoughts on “July 25, 1878 letter to Luke Keith from Marion Tomlinson

    1. Thanks, Charles. I’m so grateful that the family thought to save these diaries and letters all these years! They really help give us a sense of who they were and, like you said, how they lived.


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