1876 Letters

April 24, 1876 letter to Alfleda Keith from Burgis Starr

April 24, 1876

To: Alfleda Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Burgis Starr, Hartford, CT

He has been collecting information on the Starr family and has all the ancestors of Noah Starr, but would like information on Noah’s four wives.

April 24 1876

Hartford Conn

Mrs Alfleda Keith

Dear Madam

I am collecting the Record, of the Starr family, and through the kind assistance, of your Brothers & others, I have the record of all the Ancestors of Noah Starr[1] & much of his own family, but there are several items and facts, of your Fathers four wives,[2] they cannot furnish. Will you have the kindness, to fill out Blanks enclosed, as well as you can remember, and return to me, at your earliest convenience, with any other information upon the subject. By so doing, you will aid this family work, and forever preserve the record, which will be interesting, and may be valuable in the future, while I remain,

Respectfully Yours

Burgis P Starr[3]


[1] Alfleda’s father. It is unknown how Burgis Starr is related to Alfleda and her father

[2] From limited research, none of which has been verified, Noah married Alfleda Fuller (who was Alfleda’s mother), Mahepsabel Moses, Polly (or Mary) Crossman, and Susan Fox.

[3] The envelope is addressed to Mrs. Harvey Keith and has a return address reading Return to “BEE HIVE,” Hartford, Conn. If not delivered within 10 days

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