1875 Letters

July 24, 1875 letter to the Keith & Brown Families from Henry & Nancy Brown

July 24, 1875

To: Keith & Brown Families

From: Henry & Nancy Brown, Lawton, MI

Claude has had a high fever and they have had to hold him most of the time. The doctor came and said he would come back with some medicine and that Claude should be better in the morning. Hank did some gardening and picked a half bushel of cucumbers, yet the vines were still full. Nancy was going to salt all she could so she could sell them.

July 24 1875 Lawton, Mich.

Dr ones at home

It is now 5 o’clock P.M. We have been to supper. Nancy is washing the dishes and I am holding Claude.[1] He has had a high fever all day to day and we have had to hold him most of the time. He is feeling a good deal better now. We got home all right and on time, found everything all O.K. We had a mess of green corn this morning for breakfast. I got up about half past four, worked in the garden a little and then borrowed a wheelbarrow and went after the trunk, had breakfast before 7 o’clock. Had ceucumbers, lots of them. I picked as much as a half bushel that was ripe this morning and the vines are just as full as they can stick now with sets. The weeds are pretty good in part of the garden but everything looks better than I expected to find them.

(Nancy’s writing) Hank has left this so I will see what I can do. The Doctor was up here and said he would fix some medicine for Claude and bring it up but he has not come yet. He had a chill this morning and a high fever, but seems to be better tonight. Well the Dr has just been here and left some medicine. Think Claude will be better in the morning. I brought a pair of Hannahs[2] stockings and a hand kerchief of Ethans[3] home with us. I dont see how I got them off of line and not know it. I am sorry about it but it cant be helped now. Mrs McKinney and Clyde[4] have been up here. He is most as large as Claude but is not very strong. It has rained most all day. Hank[5] has taken in two dollars to day. I have got a plaster but have not got it on yet. Mrs Jones[?] picked some of our cucumbers and salted them down for us. I am going to salt down all I can and a sell them. Evry thing came all right in the trunk. The butter was a little soft but did not run any. Claude slept most of the time. As soon as the train would stop then he would wake up but Hank would get up and walk with him till the train started so I guess he was not awake five minutes in all. Hank has gone down to pull weeds out of the garden. Well I will stop till tomorrow.

(Hank’s writing) Wednesday morning. Claude is some better this morning. I have not got much time this morning to write but we will write again soon.

Much love to all

Good by



[1] Their son, Claude Keith Brown, who was born in Lawton on January 23, 1875

[2] Nancy’s sister, Hannah Keith

[3] Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[4] Mary (Stephenson) McKinney and her son, Don Clyde McKinney, who was born in Lawton on May 30, 1875

[5] Henry’s nickname

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