1874 Letters

July 19, 1874 letter from Isaac Huey

July 19, 1874

To: [unknown]

From: Isaac Huey

It appears he is writing in response to a card he received asking for money and is replying that he doesn’t have any nor does he know when he can get any. His family has been sick and the doctor’s bill is almost $200.00.

 July 19 1874

I received a card from you it said money. ihaint got ny idont kow when ican get any. Eli dont get any for me. ihaint no one to help me on the Farme For the last tow years and idont get any pay on that forty that ilet Eli hav and it makes it very hard for me. Eli has money cuming from Indiana dont get it. I would wroat you sooner i cood not get money to pay postedg. iwood be glad to see you. My best respects to you.

Isaac Huey

My famley has ben sick agood deal. My docter bill is all most too hundred Dollars. It makes me hav the blues and blacks too. Thare money anuff cuming but what good will it do us when dead.[1]


[1] It is unknown who the letter was written to. The 1860 census shows Isaac Huey was living in Waverly, Van Buren County, Michigan, and was a neighbor of Alfleda (Starr) Keith and also James “Oscar” Keith. In 1874 it appears that Alfleda was living with Luke Keith in Galesburg, Michigan. Among other children, Isaac Huey had two sons: Eli, (who is mentioned in the letter) and Isaac Jr. Alternatively, the letter could have been written by Isaac Huey Jr. who died September 13, 1874 from consumption

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