1874 Letters

December 10, 1874 letter to Luke Keith from Sarah Keith

December 10, 1874

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Sarah Keith, Lawton, MI

Sarah is updating her husband on her travel plans. She will be staying until the fifteenth as Lois and Mr. Brown thought it would be best for her to stay until then.

Lawton Dec 10th 1874

We have concluded it is better for me to stay till the fifteeth, and then if it is all quiet on the Potomac I shall come home and wait further orders.[1] Try and do the best you can.

Sarah C Keith

Got a letter from Lois[2] yesterday. She and Mr Brown[3] thought best for me to stay. She want go home an help some.


[1] Their daughter, Nancy (Keith) Brown, was pregnant; her son Claude was born January 23, 1875. On May 30, 1873 she delivered twin boys, one of which was stillborn and the other lived only a few hours. Perhaps she was having difficulty with the pregnancy or was just anxious and so Sarah was staying with her. Luke noted the following in his 1874 & 1875 diaries: Dec 7 – Sarah went to Lawton on night train; Dec 10 – Went over to burg after Sarah but she no come; Dec 16 – Went over to burg at noon. Sarah came home from Lawton; Jan 23 – Young Pomeroy Brown [Claude Keith Brown] born this morning. Sarah went to Lawton on night Express; Jan 30 – Went over to burg. Sarah came home from Lawton.

[2] Her stepdaughter, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[3] Nancy’s father-in-law, Ambrose Brown

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